Maternal instincts. Part 2.

It say that children are like their parents.

Wondering what would be the pig educated by tigress, or kitten educated by gorilla?
Today we present you a selection of photos “adoption” with incredible situations.

Koko the gorilla that has taken to raise kittens since 1984.

Lusk, according to its owners, as soon as she saw two wild pigs Alice and Emma immediately become attached to them, and so become a new mom. Hamburg, Germany.

Poodle Pixie was the mother-heroine, adding to her puppies also three squirrels.

Smaygel adopted four puppies.

cat Amanda
The cat Amanda to her two kittens added seven orphaned puppies. Beaver, Pennsylvania, United States.

The dog became nurse to these cute tiger cubs at the zoo of Hefei in China

The dog Kadzhinda became a new mom for pig Paulinhena, Germany.

The bulldog
This bulldog in a zoo in Tokyo became a second mother for a little Bengal Tiger and fed him with her milk.

Tigress Sai May adopted three pigs in Thai zoo for tigers.

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