Max Ellis’ funny squirrels

Professional photographer and illustrator Max Ellis spent 20 years working for the world’s most popular magazines and the world’s biggest advertising agencies. But it looks like the true fame and glory he will achieve with the photos of the squirrels who live in his own backyard. Apparently, those little furballs are more perky than many top models.

Below are the few photos from the Max Ellis’ Squirrelisimo! project. Visit Max’s site to see more. There you can even commission your own squirrel photo.

Squirrel with a tiny umbrella photo
1. Tiny umbrella squirrel. Photographed by Max Ellis
Squirrel with a pumpkin on its head
2. Squirrels with the pumpkins. Photographed by Max Ellis
Squirrel plays toy guitar
3. Squirrel plays guitar. Photographed by Max Ellis

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