Molly The Hurricane Pony

Molly - the hurricane pony
Molly is a gray Appaloosa pony from Louisiana. She was abandoned by her owner escaping from the Hurricane Katrina and spent a couple of weeks on her own in the flooded wilderness not far from New Orleans. Then she was taken to the Pony Paradise farm where abandoned animals found their new home. But that wasn’t the end of the Molly’s story.

Molly - the hurricane pony
At the farm she and several other ponies were attacked by the suddenly gone wild pit bull terrier who has almost gnawed out Molly’s right front leg.

Fortunately, Rustin Moore, the surgeon came across. He was surprised how good tempered Molly is and agreed to help her. He has amputated the injured and badly infected leg just below the knee and the artificial leg was built for her by a human prosthesis designer.

Now Molly has a duty. She is traveling from nursing homes to hospital, from shelters to rehabilitation centers. She leaves a smiley hoof print behind her.
Molly - the hurricane pony
Molly - the hurricane pony
Molly - the hurricane pony

21 thoughts on “Molly The Hurricane Pony”

  1. What a great story. When a horse have an untreatable problem with a leg mostly they put him into sleep… So it is good that they saved her life. Or it was possible only because she is a little pony and because it was the front leg?

  2. awh! wow well done for looking after this poor horse. she looks so cute and it is good to know that u did’nt see her arn just have her put down. i would like to wish you a very well done.

  3. that is so lovely, i can’t belive what happened- it’s so sad.
    well done for all you have done for the pony
    i love horses and would the same !
    well done :)

  4. my friend got me the book when i hurt my led. i loved thec book so much i shared the gook with my class. the story was such a touching story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you did such a great thing.

  5. what you have done is so touching and amazing i have a friend that supports her and i want to myself you are amazing people for helping this pony!!, i thank you for that.

  6. hello,
    we both love the fact that you didn’t give up on molly even though most people would! We also love the smily hoof print on the false leg :D. We also want to read the book can you suggest any where we could get it from? thank you xXx cya

  7. wow! i could not help but cry when i herd about molly on MSN email. u should get a huge reward for saveing molly. and there’s a book where do u think i could get one because i love horses soooo much and i love is sad with a happy ending. but i HATE pit bull terriers alot now but i never herd them before. and i LOVE the smiley face on the bottom of the hoof thingy. U ROCK!!

    :):P:D rhea :):P:D

  8. i think that is just sad i would love to help the house i love pets i mean it is just just sad i hate it i mean just a cupple days a go i amost ran over a house

  9. i,ve read the book ,and thank you for donating money for molly i am so happy that molly actually survied a HURRICANE KATRINA wow ,and she got a new leg and did fine with it, did anyone read th TWO BOBBIES?

  10. AWWWWW! I felt like crying when I read this story! If that happened to one of my ponies I would be absolutely devistated!!!

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