Moscow Metro Subway

Moscow Metro — one of the world’s biggest and most heavy used metropolitan transportation system. Every single day from seven to ten million people are descending to the underground to get to work, home or any other place within the twelve million city. That makes the Moscow Metro the city itself, with the streets — tunnels and building — metro cars. The street scenes in this city are pretty spectacular sometimes. Here a lot of candid photos:

Moscow metro sleeper

Got respect for the sleepers, for the acrobat-sleepers particularly.

Moscow Metro wedding party

Moscow Metro wedding party

Moscow Metro wedding party

It looks like a wedding party. Perhaps, the bride and broom are from the opposite ends of the city.

Zombie nurse

You can meet a zombie nurse on station built under the abandoned WW2 hospital.

Moscow Metro museum car

Moscow Metro museum car

Moscow Metro museum car

If you are tight on visitor’s program, you can ride in a museum metro car and shot two birds with one stone.

Moscow Metro gunslinger

Just be aware someone won’t shot you.

Joseph Stalin in Moscow Metro

Leo Tolstoy in Moscow Metro

Celebrities of the past are alive there. Like Stalin and Leo Tolstoy above.

Fake polar bear in Moscow Metro

Real goat in Moscow Metro car

Like in any other big city there are a lot of animals in the Moscow Metro, including rare ones, like fake polar bear and real goat.

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