Most WTF Harry Potter tattoos

The fans of JK Rowling’s story about magician boy (duh, am I learn it right?) are young (mostly) and crazy. What a greate combination for a good source of WTF.

Harry Potter most WTF tattoos

These are simply ridiculous but the further the better:

Harry Potter most WTF tattoos

It seems this Harry Potter fan is a very little bit overweight. Isn’t she? What will happen with all that enormous four-eye when she will lost some pounds?

Harry Potter most WTF tattoos

Harry Potter most WTF tattoos

Emerging new religion? Nope, just a fandom.

Harry Potter most WTF tattoos

Harry Potter fans are not skinny.

Harry Potter most WTF tattoos

Harry Potter most WTF tattoos

Harry Potter most WTF tattoos


Harry Potter most WTF tattoos

Harry Potter most WTF tattoos

Harry Potter most WTF tattoos

32 thoughts on “Most WTF Harry Potter tattoos”

  1. I liked many of them. Especially the one with the mirror of Erised. The first one had me giggling. =)

  2. I think these are great. And before you judge, try reading a little bit more yourself. This “What will happen with all that enormous four-eye when she will lost some pounds?” is not a sentence. When she will lost some pounds? Give me a break.

  3. yeah so maybe theyre not to your taste, but what does your opinion matter on what these people decide to get tattood? theyre beautiful :)

  4. You seem a little narrow-minded. Maybe you should read the books, and learn to spell properly before you criticise (badly, might I add.)

  5. Honestly, have you even read the books, wait can you even read?
    I happen to have a dark mark on my left forearm, that means a Harry Potter tattoo asshole. I got into three Universities and I am not fat. So sterotype all you want but you’re wrong, it would be like me assuming since you can’t use proper english that you an unitelligent moron.

  6. Are you seriously calling these people fat?

    Are you blind? You must be if you’re calling these tattoos ugly.

  7. Wow this article is pretty pathetic. A lot of these are really nice, particularly the phoenix, mirror of Erised and deathly hallows one. Don’t be so narrow-minded.

  8. Hhhhmmmm, I must say I agree with the others. You are incompetent at this reading and writing thing. You are also a jerk. Grow up, and aquire some taste. PLUS, a Harry Potter tattoo is on my list. So there.

  9. Thank you for writing this article :D I’ve been looking for some good ideas for my Harry Potter tattoo, you’ve been a really big help :D

    The phoenix is an absolutely amazing piece of art. And you are wrong in most of your assumptions. Such as;

    1) Harry Potter is most definitely not just about a boy learning magic.

    2) From what basis is your assumption that every Harry Potter fan is young and crazy?

    3) The only way that fan is overweight is if you’re a skeleton.

    4) Just a fandom? What other fandom was amazing enough to raise over 200,000 dollars to rent a plane that could fly supply’s to Haiti after the earthquake?

    5) Seriously!?! Again with the weight!

  10. I’m so happy all these potter fans already said everything I wanted to say. I’m not fat and I’m a potter fan and a lot of the people in these pictures were not fat….

  11. I think this person is a total and complete baboon. Where do you get off telling everyone they’re fat?? And where is your graphic design/art/tattooing degree that gives you the right to judge these and call them crap? If you’re against tattoos, fine. If you’re against Harry Potter, tell me that you’ve read the books a few times to get a good enough opinion on them enough to hate them, and fine. But until then, you have no right to say any of this.

  12. “Am I learn it right??” No, “you are not learn it right”. LOL! I think you made this page so that other people could agree with you, but I love how not ONE comment does :) None of these images are of overweight people, not one. I’ll make sure to publish my Harry Potter tattoo so you can criticize it as well. Meanwhile, people will continue to criticize you, your grammar, and your spelling :)

  13. lol, the only tattoos I find tasteful are the mirror, the pheonix, and the owl. The first and the last all due to the brilliance of Mary GrandPre’s awesome illustrations. Yes, I’ve read the books, yes I am a professional illustrator, and no, Harry Potter is not better than Twilight. I thank you, Potter Heads, for generously baring your wounded reactions here that elicited genuine WTF entertainment for us all.

  14. I loove HP tattoos. Especially the Dobby ones. I plan on getting one and posting it online so it can be seen worldwide. :) Harry Potter fans come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Every one of them is beautiful! <3

  15. I have a Harry Potter tattoo as well, and I think they’re bloody brilliant.
    Why don’t you show everybody your own tattoos? Then we’ll see what the whole world thinks of them? Just make sure you exercise a bit before you upload it, we don’t want people calling you fat now do we…

  16. Thanks for your professional wisdom Cheryl lol, glad to see you can tell the difference between real literature and vampire fiction.
    As for the article, dreadful, but some of the tats were cool.

  17. Okay it might be one thing to make fun of a story and some tattoos, but a person’s weight? It’s people like you that make us wish a world like Harry Potter’s was real.

  18. You’re an idiot. Judging these people by their tattoos and their weight. Go play in traffic.

  19. No, sir. This is you who are the idiot. Tattoos are not spawning on their bodies without a warning. Tattoos are their own choice, the product of their own free will. They actually want to be judged by their tattoos.

    The same with their weight. Being overweight is a choice not a fate.

  20. How can you call someone an idiot if you can’t create a grammatically correct sentence? “This is you who are the idiot.” You’re mixing the plural and singular forms of words. It would either be, “It is you who is the idiot.” or “It is all of you who are the idiots.” Also, while weight is partially choice, it is partially genetics as well and anyone who has taken any form of life science knows that you can’t choose your own genes. Duh. Finally, I’m sure you don’t appreciate me judging you and your intelligence based off of one comment, but you posted it which must mean you want to be judged, right? Because that must be true if you’re assuming that someone gets a tattoo so that they can be judged. It’s not a one-way street, so please think about what you’re saying before you go off on someone else.

  21. This is seriously very frustrating to read. Not only is the creater of this webpage narrow minded, but they also seem to think that their opinion is the only opinion that matters. Well actually, infact, I bet the owners of all of these beautiful tattoos could care less if you don’t like their tattoos. It is not up to anyone else to judge or call someone else’s tattoo stupid, because obviously it is not stupid to them, so for you to do that makes you look extremely ignorant. And if you must criticize someone, you should at least know what you’re criticizing and be able to defend why you disagree with it, but I highly doubt that you ever read the books and much less know what they are truly about. And for you to pick fun at a person’s weight as a way of criticizing their tattoo is just plain STUPID. Also you can’t spell, so you look really smart. <—(that was sarcasm incase you couldn't understand that.)

  22. Urrrrgggghhhhhhhhh! This article sucks! Learn to spell before criticizing other, more intelligent people!

  23. Wow, this is by far the stupidest and most uninformed “article” ever. Your entire post is built on the idea that you enjoy shaming people who put a part of their naked body only.
    You know what? Fuck you, you piece of shit.

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