Nature could look cruel

In the wild, carnivores aren’t getting their meals on a plate. They have to track their prey first, than catch it, and only if their hunt was successful, which happens in about one time out of ten tries, they have something to feast on. And this isn’t the end of their feeding efforts. Wild animals don’t own the fancy silver tupperware, nor do they have a butcher to help them with cuts. They have to tear their prey apart with their bare teeth. Not the cleanest process.

1. Blood stained lion cub

Even in the zoo, where meat comes to carnivores in a ready to consume chunks, the young lions, apparently, are not the most good natured eaters. They will learn to eat more accurately later. But just a very little bit more accurate. When the hunger’s controlling the brain there is no time for the table etiquette.

2. Two lion cubs and the mature lion are eating the same piece of meat. Photo by Tambako the Jaguar

3. Blood stained lioness. Photo by Rob Dweck

4. The lioness seems doesn't give a damn about her after-the-dinner look. Photo by Christoph Rupprecht, Focx Photography,

5. The female polar bear with two of her cubs are eating the seal

The polar bears are the worst eaters on the animal world. May be, because of their fur color. The fresh blood is the most noticeable on white.

6. Mature big cats aren't eating accurately too

All these pictures could look cruel but they are actually not. No predator kills its prey out of hate. They are probably even love the puny antelopes, rabbits and deers they are hunting for. In a special, gastronomic way.

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