Nintendo Joystick Coffee Table

The early gaming consoles like Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega and the uncountable clones of those two were huge in the first half of the 90’s. Millions of kids from all over the world grew up sacrificing a lion share of their adolescence and youth on the altar of Nintendo NES and the video games in general.

Back in those days, as today, mass media was panicking about negative consequences of the video games. However, those generation, the people who were teens back in the 90’s, they have grow up and become mostly good people. Not only good but the very creative as well. And sometimes they are using their creativity to pay the tribute to the things that were so significant for them when they were kids.

Just like this Nintendo NES joystick coffee table. What’s most amazing about it—it works! It works not only as a coffee table, which is obvious, but also as a fully featured Nintendo NES joystick. You can play The Legend of Zelda with it.

Nintendo NES joystick coffee table

NES joystick coffee table

Nintendo NES coffee table

Different views of the Nintendo joystick

Nintendo coffee table DIY log

NES coffee table make log

Photo log of the making of the Nintendo NES coffee table

BTW, not so long ago I wrote about another one DIY coffee table. It seams this is a fancy trend nowadays.

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