No more magic mushrooms in Amsterdam

Boing Boing linking to BBC’s story about magic mushrooms ban in the Netherlands. Sad news.

The Netherlands used to be the only country in the world where government haven’t abused people with the stupid precepts on what they should do and what they shouldn’t with their own lives and with their own bodies. The Netherlands used to set an example for others around the world on how to deal with recreational drugs.

But now because of some jerks who killed themselves being on high they (Netherlanders) have followed the lead of the rest of the world in this stupid presupposition that if someone is dork you are dork too. If someone has killed himself that you will kill yourself too.

All governments even democratic ones are catering for the most foolish ones, they treat the people like a herd of sheep who needs a shepherd with a whip. They are forcing you to trade your original rights for the safety of the dorks.

The Netherlands used to be better. But everything changes.

2 thoughts on “No more magic mushrooms in Amsterdam”

  1. Someone dies everyday because of alcohol and cigarettes should we ban that too.. you could die getting up in the morning is that next on the list to ban?

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