14 thoughts on “North Korea Night Map”

  1. Because North Korea stuck in the XIX century. They do not produce enough electric power to feed street lights and civil buildings. It makes Charles Dickens London to shine at night much brighter that the modern, XXI century Pyongyang.

  2. and because this is a communist country so the regulations are not to walk in the city after 8pm and not to turn on the lights after that time.

  3. Not to mention that almost all military personal live in underground military bases, aka DUMBS.
    North Korea is an army building up and training. They have enough everything but exist purely to fund its military, which could quite possibly be the death of the western world. They sit and they wait. Lucky the West has ET’s on its side. Oh how ridiculous the truth is.

  4. North Korea is the best fkn Korea, we don’t need light to see where we’re goin.

    Dear Leader guides us and lights our way

    Stop drinkin that kool-aid, and get wise to the lies of the liberal media, brother!

  5. The ppl of N. Korea hv been brainwashed by their leader(s) and government. If the ppl of that country got a taste of Democracy, they would be like other countries as of late and overthrow their leader and government. Poor ppl.

  6. actually the truth is the Gov gives people and running water when they want to..the water is not clean because it is not filtered so they just stay sick with no healthcare or medicine. and actually the only huge light you see on the map is the house of the country’s leader. RRead up on the subject you will be surprised

  7. that is Pyongyang, the capital. Thay picture is litterally a side-by-side (or bottom top) view of capitalism and communism. Which China to the north with a very capitalistic business system and south korea to the south with a democracy. Both have bright lights all over while communist north korea has one dot.

  8. EVERYBODY IN NORTH KOREA ARE BRAINWASHED. and when they click they run to the borders of the countries next to them BUT they dont escape so if you live in north korea listen to this. YOU ARE A SLAVE think about it YOU WORSHIP A STATUE OF A MANIAC SO PLEASE TAKE A BOAT GET OUT OF THE COUNTRY i wish you luck

  9. It is extremely unlikely your boyfriend is going to North Korea, unless he’s in the Chinese army, whereupon it will be sucky duty, but completely safe.

    If he’s in the US or an allied military, he is most likely going to South Korea, the lower one with the lights. He might be stationed at the DMZ, which is the border between the two countries. But he’ll still be stationed on the south side of the DMZ.

    If you are correct, and he is in the US military and really is going to North Korea, then he is on an extremely dangerous spy mission, and you’ve just blown his cover. If he’s caught, he’ll be imprisoned, drugged, beaten and tortured for the rest of his short life, and you’ll never see him again.

    On the other hand, if he’s dumb enough to tell a girlfriend details of a mission so black the US gov’t won’t even acknowledge it, then my sympathy for him is about non-existent.

    Unless he’s Special Forces, Ranger or a SEAL, he isn’t going to NK for the military.

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