Ocelot or, how it’s called in the Sauth America, Tigrillo is a small wild cat. Scientists are also calling it a dwarf leopard.

Ocelots are living in the jungles and dense forests of Central and South America. They are approximately two to three times bigger than the average house cat. They are spending daytime sleeping on the tree branches. When the night falls, ocelots are becoming the hunters, merciless predators leaving no chance for the rodents, lizards and frogs that were unhappy to cross their path.

Want to learn more about this wonderful wild cats? Read this perfectly illustrated book.

small ocelot
1. Small ocelot
yawning ocelot
2. Yawning ocelot
ocelot in the high grass
3. Ocelot in the high grass
smiling ocelot
4. Smiling ocelot
curious ocelot
5. Curious ocelot
6. Ocelot
Ocelot in the zoo
7. Ocelot in the zoo
angry ocelot
8. Angry ocelot
awesome ocelot
9. Awesome ocelot
lazy ocelot
10. Lazy ocelot

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  1. Most of the photos of Geoffroys cats on the internet are misidentified margays ocelots kodkods or other small spotted felines. It is found mostly outside protected areas in the Cerrado and Atlantic Forest biomes which are both under severe threat and where ocelots are absent or have declined.

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