Google cushions

Wanna sleep with Google? Than you’ll like it.

Google cushion

Designer Elodie Blanchard has some Google inspired cushions for you. Each of them has Top 10 searches printed on – for the year 2006 (Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, podcasting…), 2005 (Janet Jackson, Hurricane Katrina, Tsunami…) and 2003 (Britney Spears, Harry Potter, Shakira..)

Edition 2003 is really limited – just 5 copies available for $250 each. 2005 and 2006 are more affordable and not so unique with 250 copies of each year. Each cushion is personally signed by Elodie Blanchard and numbered.

Trip to Russia calculator

A man after a week of drinking vodkaAre you ever willing to travel to Russia? If yes than you’ll like this site where you can calculate how much your trip to Russia will cost.

There you can find that a bottle of good vodka will cost you from $4 to $8, but that cheep smelly one that all Russians usually drinks before driving or operating heavy machinery is as low as $2.25 per bottle (half Russian dose).

You can rent a room for free in the nearest abandoned village in exchange for carrying water and chopping wood.

Killing someone while being drunk will cost you four or five years in jail (TB included).

If you’ll get a nasty infection, prepare $200 for STD treatment.

And finally, if something went really wrong you’ll need just under $1000 for traditional yet humble funeral. Have a nice trip!

BMW hit gasoline tanker on the wrong side

While driving 220 km/h (140 miles per hour) on the wrong side of the highway BMW hit gasoline tanker. Tank truck has rolled over and blew up in fiery explosion.

Happily, truck driver has managed to survive the blast. Another luck – there were no passengers in BMW. Death toll for this incident is one – one dumb driver who has imagined himself as a death proof superhero.

Crash site: debris

Crash site: debris spread all over the highway

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Girl shouted Harry Potter spoilers in the line

Girl shouted Harry Potter spoilers in the line

This girl shouted with he megaphone spoilers of the end of the latest Potteriana book “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” in the line on the Harvard Square where thousands of Harry Potter’s fans waited all night for their HP&DH book on July 21.

As you can see on this blurred mobile phone photo someone has broke her megaphone. But this trouble didn’t upset her devilish nature :)

If you heard some spoilers before buying the book, will you be upset? Will it hurt your pleasure of reading?

A man without brain has worked for government for decades

Tiny brain of the government employee44-year-old French civil servant went to the hospital with mild pain in his left leg. Research ( computed tomography scan and MRI) have shown that he virtually have no brain.

Being an infant he has suffered from hydrocephalus – too much cerebrospinal liquid on the brain. But by the age of 14 all hydrocephalus treatment was ended and he has no significant health problems till nowadays.

He has a wife and two children, working for government for two decades and his IQ is 75 – pretty low but enough to be the “our guy” among his colleagues.

I wonder if this French Homer Simpson the only one without brain in the government? How much Homer Simpsons are ruling us now? Not matters what country. I think if you’ll overview the laws of your country, you can find a lot of signs that point to the people with extraordinary low IQ for their job.

If we only can to send all of them to the computed tomography to find out if they have some brain, we could prevent them from such responsibility, responsibility for our lives. But it so politically incorrect!

Zombies are playing their flutes and we are all dancing.

DIY on camera cheese-talker

Have you ever got tired of saying “cheese” to your family or colleagues while trying to make a picture where everybody smiling?

Federico Sartorio has a nice idea and tutorial how to make good photos of your friends not even smiling but laughing at your camera.

Hot shoe mounted cheese sayer

He just cut of some plastic from the PEZ sweet dispenser that could be found in any grocery store across the Europe and mount it on his camera hot shoe. By his words it works perfectly – effective, cheap and portable on camera cheese-talker.

And, by the way, DSLR pro grade camera is not necessary, some point and shoot cameras have a hot shoe mount as well.

Top medical mysteries

10. Lymes disease – this infectious disease is derives from Borrelia tick bite. Symptoms are skin changes, headaches, mild fever, joint and muscle pains. Very easy to be misdiagnosed and get wrong cure. Only House, M.D. will help you but he is on TV not your local hospital.

9. Morgellons Disease is not recognized by most doctors. The first case in the contemporary history was detected in 2002. Symptoms are spontaneous skin lesions, self-generated excoriations causing pain and intense itching, moving sensations under the skin, cognitive dysfunction.

8. Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease – rare brain disorder also known as Mad Cow Disease. Quick and deadly.

7. Parkinson Disease – (PD) degenerative movement disorder of the central nervous system. Unlike Creutzfeldt-Jakob it’s pretty common among elderly people. Very difficult to diagnose and actually no 100% working cure.

6. Crohn’s Disease – inflammatory bowel disease, the general name for diseases that cause swelling in the intestines. Because the symptoms of Crohn’s disease are similar to other intestinal disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis, it can be difficult to diagnose.

5. Autoimmune Disorders – not a disease actually. It’s more symptom when the human body treats some of its organs like invaders.

4. Pica – eating disorder when someone could eat dirt, clay, metal pieces or other non-eatable substances. No reasons known.

3. Alzheimer’s – neurodegenerative disease with unknown reasons. Causes short-term memory loss, forgetfulness, deterioration of musculature and mobility, inability to feed oneself. Almost 24 million people across the world are living with Alzheimer’s but still no cure.

2. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS – a person with CFS always feeling a little tired. No reasons known, no cure available.

And the number one is… Common Cold. Everyone knows what it is. Most people getting it every year. But science knows very little about it. Take some pills and you feel better in a week. Sleep well, drink hot tea, wear warm closes – and you fell better in seven days.