PSP3 ad in Ecuador

PSP3 Playstaition Portable 3 ad

PSP3 ad spotted in the Ecuador capital Quito. Large PSP3 sign probably referred to upcoming Sony Playstation 3 Portable mobile gaming console painted on the mountain slope in Quito – the world’s second highest capital.

It’s not the first time for Sony to use guerrilla marketing to promote their products but it’s pretty surprising to see $499 PSP3 ad in the country where average income is around $300.

Kalashnikov sleeps well


“I sleep well. It’s the politicians who are to blame for failing to come to an agreement and resorting to violence,” Michael Kalashnikov, the inventor of the World’s most famous assault rifle said on the 60’s Anniversary of the AK-47 production.

The weapon that has killed millions of people all over the world remains the most popular assault rifle today. It’s featured on the Mozambique national flag, in Russia there are songs about it. Various dictators buying it in thousands, like Hugo Chaves recently. Over a million illegal copies are produced every year in addition to hundred thousands produced in Russia.

Being easy to made and easy to maintain AK-47 and its successor AK-74 became the terrorists of all kinds most loved weapon.

89 oz. of gold found at Japanese dump

89 ounces of gold (2.5 kilograms) in four plates were found by the 66 year old worker at the construction wastes processing plant in Japanese city of Miyoshi, Asahi Shimbun reports. Gold plates worth a total of 6.7 million yen (or around US$55,000) were found among pieces of concrete that were received from the construction site for recycling.

The windfall was seized by the police as lost articles and will be returned to wastes processing plant if the plates are not claimed by the owner in six months.

All over the world wastes recycling is in the Top 10 of the most profitable business (excluding something illegal). But such discoveries make it a real goldmine. What can I say? Tony Soprano has made a bad choice of a place for business.

Moskvitch Car Museum

Moskvitch Car Museum - Moskvitch 412

Somewhere deep in the rural areas of Russia probably most weird car museum is showing its rusty exhibition just under the open sky. Without walls, floor and roof hundreds of Moskvitchs, Volgas and Chaikas are gathering dust making it looks more like a dump than a museum.

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Google: Yahoo Smartass

Google: Yahoo SmartAds is too smartassYahoo – the second largest search engine (after Google) and the second player on the internet advertising market (after Google once more) – have launched new and innovative contextual ads system named SmartAds.

Probably, Google don’t like the new competitor for its AdSense program. If you’ll try to search at for Yahoo’s SmartAds, Google’s spell checker will ask you: “Did you mean: smartass?”

Spying at the post office

Spybox camera

Tim Knowles has packed a digital camera inside the parcel and sent in from his studio to the gallery. Looking through a tiny hole in the box, camera took almost seven thousands captures of UK postal system inner life, 10 seconds one after another. A small selection of this captures become a very interesting slide-show. You can see it at the Tim’s website.

Wet cat pics

Wet cat

Wet cats are funny, especially this one found at the German website. Just look in his eyes: “But why?!” them says.

Have you ever felt sick next morning after party? Have you ever came out after shower realizing that there is no hair comb nearby? Than you was looked exactly like this cat, and it was funny I guess. Don’t laugh at wet cats! Because someday wet cats will laugh at you.

How to lose weight fast?

This guy has gained 630 pounds due to stress and than he has lose almost all his fat. But this is don’t come easy. He has surgery to remove the superfluous skin and a lot of physical exercises to become normal again. So the best way of weight loss is still do not gain it at all. This is the sole case when to gain is easier than to lost.

How to lose weight

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