Twelve 5-9 wristwatch from Tokyoflash, Japan

Japanese design company Tokyoflash is selling a lot of unusual and unique LED watches online. Most of them are pretty geeky. For example, the Twelve 5-9 L wristwatch shown above tells time using three groups of LED lights: the first group is for hours, the second is for the first digit of minutes, and one for the second minutes digit. It’s 2:55 in the picture above – fairly easy to read, and of course a nice conversation starter.

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JAWS X: Saint Petersburg

A 172cm (6 foot) polar shark has been caught in the Neva river right in the center of the northern Russian city of Saint Petersburg. More photos could be found here. It’s extremely unusual for sharks to live in such shallow water. What should Europeans expect next? Swordfish in their water closets?

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