Drawing with HTML tables

A guy from Japan drawing Anime-style pictures in his own very special way… using HTML table tags. Assigning different colors to a horde of <td> tags he’s got the final drawing appeared in the web browser. This short video demonstrates the whole process of this heavy and laborious work. This is really astonishing.

Zhang Huan

Photo by Zhang Huan

“Some people ask me: “You are Buddhist?” Inside, I’m a Buddhist; outside, I’m an artist. You know, Buddhism emphasizes Buddha should always exist in your mind.” © Zhang Huan

Zhang Huan – contemporary American (native Chinese) photographer, painter, sculptor and performance artist. His works, which you can find at his website, are strange and eclectic… made with Buddha in mind.

One of Zhang Huan installations – “Peace” – is a bronze copy of the artist nude hangs horizontally in front of large bronze bell. When the viewer pushes the body towards bell the loud bong running through the gallery. In his “My Boston” series a man pictured with a huge book wrapped around his neck.

Kuznetzov Russian Aircraft Carrier

Admiral Kuznetzov - Russian aircraft carrier

Admiral Kuznetzov is the only one Russian aircraft carrier. Actually it’s called heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser because of its capability to carry jet fighters and helicopters along with anti-submarine missiles and “Shipwreck” anti-ship missiles. It’s intended to support nuclear missile-carrying submarines and lesser surface ships of the Russian fleet. Also it could act as a flagship.

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Tokyo tunnels

Deep under the Shinjuku district of Tokyo hi-tech underground highway is being built. Deep under skyscrapers of the Japan’s capital intelligence and technology of the Human Being withstands the unbelievable pressure of Earth.

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Ford Nucleon

Don’t you know that the Ford Motors company have developing automobile powered by tiny nuclear reactor in the late 50’s? This project was called Ford Nucleon. Some 3/8 scale models were shown but no working sample indeed. There is no technology to make a nuclear reactor sufficiently small and safe to use it as an automobile engine. Reed more about Ford Nucleon at “Damn Interesting” website.

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$200 Laptop

Well known laptop and computer peripherals manufacturer from Taiwan – Asus – announced ultra portable notebook PC. 900 grammes Eee PC 701 equipped with 7″ LCD screen, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, Ethernet card and modem. RAM 512Mb. It will store user’s software and data on the 4Gb, 8Gb or 16Gb flash-drive. This tiny laptop is fully compatible with Windows XP or Linux. But the most important in this release is the price: cheapest configuration will cost you about 200 (two hundred) US dollars. Some kind of OLPC not only for poorest.

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Flight trough the Sun

Aerial photography is always amazement and it’s more stunning when the subject are the modern jets flying high above the clouds leaving contrails far behind. This gallery is about jets, contrails and clouds making picturesque swirls in the sky. What’s more beautiful could man and nature make together…

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