Painted cars

Painted Smart car

Aerography is one of the most fascinating method of painting primarily used in cars and other 3D objects decoration.

Painted Smart car
Painted van
Painted and pimped Fiat Punto

This Fiat Punto not only painted but also crafty decorated with neon lights. I guess it looks infernous on the night highway.

Painted Mercedes

Mercedes Cupe painted in Russian style.

Painted BMW

Foliage BMW is so cool. The guy is picking his nose in frustration.

Dog photo on the Nissan Murano

The owner of this Nissan Murano loves his dog. Not a problem for the team.

Emily Murphy car

Also, it’s not a problem to make your car unique for cheap. All you will need – some paint and creative mood. Just like Emily Murphy did.

10 thoughts on “Painted cars”

  1. Still,its putting lipstick on a pig. Under all that pretty paint,is still an ugly polluting,spawn of Satin Car

  2. it is a c2 i searched it on google an it come up with this pic with this comment ‘one-off version of Citroen’s C2 VTR supermini’!

  3. I think the cars are very colorful. I like things that are colorful. I think it would be nice to make sun shades that have similar color prints. So you would have a colorful print for your car. With out spending so much money for a paint job. also some type of sun shade for the front side windows to match the front window sun shade. you could only use the sun shades while you are parked. Then you could also change the print to suit your mood.

  4. The frog print is the best one of all. One time I heard and saw a car painted w/ the Levi’s print on it. Some one told me the company would paint your car w/ the companys logo on your car. And also pay you to advertise for them. Then paint your car back if you wanted to do so. ( If I heard correctly about my COMMENT.)

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