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  1. hi
    don’t portray us as crazy USA army, who wants to grab not only this world but also space. we are Proudly Pakistani and for sure in favor of Global Peace. BTW you can ask people from NAGASAKI (Japan) that what type a peace USA ARMY spread in the 2nd world war, and some epics are also in books of Vietnam.


  2. sometimes hard times make nations/people extra sensitive.for humour sake it wasnt bad at all.

  3. Perhaps Zaheer should first talk to the people of Nanking/Nanjing to understand the nature of the war that Japan started. Then he can calculate how many millions of lives the atomic bombs saved by bringing a swift end to the second world war.

    Then he should speak to the survivors of the crimes committed by the Pakistani army in 1971 (up to 200,000 rapes & 3,000,000 murders) as they brought their version of ‘Global Peace’ to the women and children of Bangladesh and see why it is obscene that a Pakistani express sympathy for the Japanese instead of their victims.

    Then he should explain to the people of Nagasaki (and Hiroshima) how the Pakistani arsenal of nuclear weapons is contributing to Global Peace today.

    Here is your living proof that those who refuse to learn from history are condemned to repeating it.

  4. dont judge the world by just watching bbc and cnn.u dont see why pakistan made nuclear arsenal to protect himself from bigger enemy .because he cant keep the pace in conventional weapons with its neighbour.and u talkin about bangladesh .who invaded east pakistan on first place and help separitist against pak army. i accept war crimes happens with in every army and pak army is not exceptional. but u dont see pak army’s contribution under UN flag. and read the neutral media reports before commenting on somthing. if america can use atom bomb to finish the war .but pak army cant have to eliminate the war before it happens .very hipocritcal of you. and dont stop me mentioning of vietnam and now iraq and afghanistan and wot else to come in future .god knows.

  5. As to referral to 1971 let me add my 10 cents the figures potrayal of rapes and murders were over Exaggerated and there is no confirmation from a nuteral source. Though i have no dobut that war crimes were commited also question about nuclear arsenal well you must be a ignorant to question pakistans nuclear arsenal it has always been used as a deterance mechanism. I can not recall any country in recent memory who has been up against a much bigger military for so many years…again i may be wrong but would like to hear you comments….

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