Pam Pam, the cutest kitten with Heterochromia

As we mentioned before, Heterochromia is probably a disorder many of you would like to have. If you haven’t heard of it yet, Heterochromia is a difference in coloration of the iris but the differences in coloration of hair and skin are also encountered.

Many animals and humans are affected by this disorder. One of the animals born with Heterochromia is Pam Pam, the snow white kitten that became famous thanks to her hypnotizing eyes. Apparently, the disorder is most common with Angoras cats and believe it or not, Pam Pam is one of those types of cat.

She’s got one yellow and one blue eye and be careful while looking at her because she may hypnotize you the way she hypnotized us. Now we can’t help ourselves from staring at her. She’s definitely one of the most adorable kittens ever. Scroll down and check her out.


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