The fate of the Panagiotis

On the white sand of the Navagio beach on the Southern Ionian island of Zakynthos, just a few feet away from the sapphire-blue waters the wrecked ship lies.

In the early 1980’s the small coastal freighter Panagiotis was on its route from Turkey laden with contraband cigarettes. Greek authorities were aware of the Panagiotis team’s smuggling operations. That’s why as soon as Panagiotis have reached Greek territorial waters in vicinity of the island Zakynthos the Greek Navy vessel began to pursue the smugglers.

Just like in any good story about pirates and smugglers, it was a dark stormy night. On top of everything else, Panagiotis has lost its engine in the storm, so the chase was pretty short. The freighter ran aground in the small isolated cove on the North-West shore of the island. The team was arrested, but nobody cared about the ship.

Panorama of the Navagio beach, where the wrecked Panagiotis lies

The map of Zakynthos island with the wrecked Panagiotis pinned

Panagiotis wreckage: the vew from above

Panagiotis closeup shot

Panagiotis in its full rusty glory

Writings in English and Serbian on the wrecked ship

Navagio cove

The view on the Navagio beach through the hole in the rusted Panagiotis

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