18 thoughts on “Peng Shulin – the walking miracle”

  1. Errrr Bruvv Thatsz Grim….

    But Amazin get well soon little wun


    Brrrrraaaap :)

  2. My First cousin lost his hand by accedent. Can u provide us an artificial hand which can be movebale.
    Always looking for your kind attention

  3. wow… what an amazing accomplishment, I have been studying and am quite intrigued by your innovative mechanism, how exactly does he walk? Is it with the muscles he retains or maybe a connection to the spine. Very interesting. Would love to meet the individual who was able to survive such an event and go on to be a miracle!

  4. OMG when i saw this i was happy/sad.
    I was sad cuz he hurt himselff baddd
    and i was happy cuz he finally got to walk again :)

  5. you can do it if that would happen to me i would already be dead you can do it cause youre a strong man

  6. i m by birth Paralyzed some spine problem half paralyzed, somebody sugested us for artificial legs so can u give us some advice is this possible or not?

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