Peters’ Map of America

Our reader Republicoftexas (a proud Texan patriot, as far as I can guess) has pointed our attention to the interesting map of (alternative) future Not So United States of America in a comment section of Paradoxoff Planet old post Divided States of America.

Peters map of America

Here you can see:

  • Arnie Schwarzenegger and his glorious New California Republic took over Baja California
  • Canadians took over Washington (a former American state) and Montana (but nobody cares about it)
  • Newfoundland gained independence and have no idea what to do with it

Apparently, the author of this map is lieutenant-colonel Ralph Peters, retired US intelligence and army staff. Nowadays he is working as a novelist and a military issues expert for various TV broadcasting companies. Ralph Peters is better known for his views on post-war dividing of middle-east countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Here you can see bigger future USA map:

Peters map of America
Peters map of America

5 thoughts on “Peters’ Map of America”

  1. I don’t think “Zionist New Israel will werk where you placed it. I am living inside it now.. but I don;t see it happenin.. Too many folks with arms and the Jewish population is ?? 3.2% in Connecticut, in spite of LIE-berman. And someone is gonna get scapegoated if the U.S. breaks up… No more social security, food stamps…welfare… Oh yeah, there will be lotta trouble and I wouldnt count on any MINORITY or SUB-MINORITY running the show for very long…at least not overtly and openly. They will be going to the next high wage location or Israel, if it’s still there… Nice map and great fun though…. Keep being curious… and drawin maps……..!!

  2. New Africa near the great lakes? Come on, seriously?? Why didn’t you include Chicago as an outlying city of New Africa? lol. Why didn’t you call it something more along the lines of “the new territory of african decendants”? I see how certain states might become segmented unto themselves like the republic of Texas, or the southern states. I personally can’t envision Congress allowing the united states to break up unless they all gathered and decided it truely was better for the vast majority of them to nullify the united states goverment…but it could truely be the end of their power base. It would be better for them to hold everything together than to risk breaking states and territories up. This isn’t even getting into the matter of the presiding president at the time…I doubt he would take very kindly to the breaking up of the united states since it would truely limit his power-base. I suspect he would probably call the congress that tried to break up the states as domestic terrorists, or he might call their actions simply treasonis, round them up, throw them into jail. No matter how much debt this country accumilates, the congress and prsident will never allow their own power base to be deminished in any way. Maybe the country will slightly to accomidate minorities, but it won’t significantly change. Crusty old white poloticians will always want to keep things in their control (absurd as that sounds).

    Brian (some white guy) Average American Citizen. LOL.

    P.S.: Seriously, I like the map, I just think it’s funny. ;^)

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