Plastic clamshell frustration

The thick transparent plastic package most commonly dubbed as the clamshell is a very popular way to keep the broad variety of consumer goods on the store shelves for the two decades by now. Today this type of package has been spread across the globe and almost blew the traditional cardboard package out of the water for the small electronics, accessories and tools. Also, in these long twenty years, the whole generation of people grew up who hate this type of package more than Hitler.

Plastic clamshells are hard to open

The original idea behind the transparent plastic clamshell was pretty good: to give the manufacturers the package that would make their products easily researchable by the potential customers in the self-service retail outlets that were emerging these days, and in the same time make the product hard to steal in order to incentivize retailer to grant its customers unobtrusive access to the clamshelled product.

Hard plastic clamshells fit this niche perfectly. Both goals were 100% achieved. In the beginning of the plastic clamshell expansion as a common package nobody noticed the evil that was hiding inside the indestructibly sealed plastic case. The Pandora’s Box has been opened. Like the deadly virus on the loose, plastic clamshells were released into the wild to prevent us from getting our hard earned cables, earbuds, thumb-drives, tools etc.

Plastic clamshell package is a constnt source of frustration

Plastic package and the broken scissors

It was hard to open

And the tools to open the clamshells are hard to open most of the time

Plastic clamshell openning fail

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