Playing World of Warcraft on Asus eeePC

A guy from the running World Of Warcraft heavy MMORPG game on his Asus eeePC 701 ultra mobile notebook (which is often called mininote for its modest size and weight). Of cause the eeePC he’s got for it is not the cheapest one. This is 4G model with 2Gb RAM. Also he have used a special software to overclock the CPU and boost 7″ LCD resolution to 800*600.

But it’s work. World of Warcraft runs 8 frames per second – pretty nice for grinding or auctioning on the go.

3 thoughts on “Playing World of Warcraft on Asus eeePC”

  1. Agree. WinXP is way too bulky to run on that tiny thing. But I bet World of Warcraft will run slower under Wine :)

  2. actually, when i ran WoW under Wine, on Kubuntu (which was on my desktop) i did lose a few FPS, not a great amount, and lowered my ms by alot! right now on windows 7 i’m getting 207ms, when i was playing with Wine i was getting about 62ms.

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