If you are living in a big city you are probably seen pomelo fruit in the supermarket. It’s quite noticeable – at least twice bigger than grapefruit, pale greenish. Perhaps you even know how it tastes – sweet with a slight hint of bitterness and aroma so strong you can barely peel it without gathering all your homies in the kitchen.

Being as healthy as grapefruit but much sweeter, pomelo is gaining popularity worldwide these days. And it means you should know it better.

What’s interesting about pomelo is that the fruits which could be seen in the supermarket are quite small ones. There are records of pomelos as heavy as 33 pounds (more than ten kilos). In Latin it’s called Citrus Maxima – the Great Citrus.

How to peel pomelo

Second interesting fact about pomelo is that most people in the Western Hemisphere are peeling it wrong. They cut the fruit in quarters and then cut off its thick pudgy rind. The right way to peel pomelo is to cut off its top first and then make a dozen of long but shallow (not deeper than a half of an inch) cuts from top to bottom of the fruit. After that you will be able to pull the rind down revealing the golden flesh.

The third fact about pomelo is that its peel make a great hats for cats and some people.

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