Prosthetic leg airbrush artwork

The Australian guy nicknamed CaptainCripple has lost his leg a year ago in the motorcycle accident. And I should say that this guy is a real badass. He doesn’t fell into depression, but rather made the best of it. Now, as he said, his prosthetic limb has become the perfect conversation starter with the ladies at the bar.

Several days ago he totally nailed it with the help of Stuart Wimpani—Australian airbrush artist, who has made CaptainCripple’s prosthetic leg an artistic touch. Source.

Prosthetic leg artwork

Airbrushed prosthetic leg

Painted prosthetic limb

Airbrush painting on prosthetic leg

6 thoughts on “Prosthetic leg airbrush artwork”

  1. beautiful art work. This is something I need to look at having done. I have the c-leg as well that I have as a blank canvas.

  2. Im also an amputee right leg above knee this is a great idea over the plain carbon fiber awesome airbrushing as well awesome! !

  3. im getting my new c legs soon and i would love my socket to be done like that,, it would b totally wicked for school :D

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