Red panda is the real firefox

Red panda also known as firefox is a raccoon-like animal a little bit larger than domestic cat. Red pandas are considered endangered. Only 2500 adult species could be found in the woods of the Southern China, Burma, Nepal and Bhutan.

Red panda a.k.a. Firefox

Even if you will be lucky enough to find a red panda in its natural habitat, it’s still will be hard to take a good pictures of this awesome animal. Red pandas spend their days napping in the hollows of the trees. Only when the sun is setting down, they came out of their shelters to eat some bamboo leaves and shoots.

Red panda with an angry face

10 facts about red panda

1. The Latin name of the specie—Ailurus fulgens—translated as shining cat. However, red pandas have nothing to do with the cats.

2. Despite the common name (and the less known alias—lesser panda) red pandas have nothing to do with great pandas as well.

3. Modern science put red pandas into Ailuridae family, all other members of which is now extinct. But when this specie was described for the first time in 1825 it have been put into raccoon family because of exterior similarity. And after that it have been transferred into bear family.

4. Red pandas are omnivorous. They do like bamboo leaves and shoots but also eating eggs, birds, insects and small mammals.

5. Red pandas are bad hunters—they are way too clumsy on the ground, but everything changes when they are climbing back on the branches.

6. Red pandas are very good-natured animal and would make great pets if not being endangered.

7. Red pandas spend 13 hours a day eating.

8. When red pandas are sleeping they are usually wrapping their tail around their head.

9. Their bright red color in fact helps them blend into the tree trunks and branches overgrown with the red moss.

10. Red panda’s fur covers entire body, including the soles of its feet.

Red panda behind the tall grass

Red panda face close-up

Red panda licking its paw

Red panda on the tree branch

Red panda hanging on the tree branch smiling

Red panda showing its tongue, close-up shot

Red panda is scared

Red panda is standing on its hind legs

Red panda is sleeping on the wooden handrail

Red panda is lying on the tree branch curled-up and yawning

Red panda showing tongue on the tree

Red panda is standing on its hind legs stretching with its front paws on its chest

Red panda portrait

Red panda eating fruit

Red panda with its tongue stretched out close-up shot

Red panda caught eating bamboo leaves

Red panda is sitting like a human and eating bamboo shoots

a man is holding red panda on his knees

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  1. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable how did you get such great pictures

  2. I need two a girl and a boy mate them n help keep these species alive…..Red Panda Society lol

  3. Red Pandas are by far the cutest animals ever! I see one in the new Telus commercial as well. They look a little like a Lemur tail- wise which are also cute & interesting animals.

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