Scary workplace safety posters

Prevent-It – Canadian organization fighting against a cruel and vicious practice of killing innocent white women with gigantic iPod earbuds – has ordered Toronto-based advertising agency DRAFTFCB to made a series of really scary (and I bet pretty efficient) ads.

Prevent-It Workplace Safety poster

Ok, Ok… These ads are for Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. As you can see at the Prevent-Itville website, WSIB guys have a very special sense of humor, but these posters are even more bloody realistic.

Prevent-It Workplace Safety poster
Prevent-It Workplace Safety poster

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  1. these images are crude & disturbing, my son died in a workplace accident and i dont think thses images are appropriate.

  2. I have to agree. They are powerful, but to graphic, maybe some thought to convey a powerful message rather than the blood and gore outcome.

  3. I disagree; I think the very fact that it got the both of you talking is a sign that it got your attention, which is what these are intended to do. Yes, they are graphic, but bear in mind that the target demographic of these kinds of ads is teenagers starting work, and considering the nature of media material out there for teenagers nowadays, they’ve become desensitized to material that is less graphic than these.

    In short, I think these put forward a very strong message – the iPod headphones in particular. Makes you think twice.

  4. That woman is Asian, not white. Not that it matters what she is. I only made that comment, because it seemed as though you were trying to imply something by saying she was white.

  5. What? Who gives a f**k if its racist. Who gives a f**k about the crudeness. People die! That’s what it could look like! Kids don’t look at a sign just because its red now, or because its shaped like an octagon–a majority are pretty apathetic–but show em that, and they’ll look and think.

    Your son might not have died had it been for those. Somebody f**ked up–they weren’t thinking–looking at those everyday would make ya think.

  6. In the extremely exploitative, uncaring, vulture capitalist, part-time, and occasional work age we are now entering, due to the (GRD) great republican depression, the workplace has become a “Worker Beware” place! In the Ontario workplace, “Worker Safety” is much lauded on paper, and little practiced concept! These ads are an admission of failure to inspect and control realities on the shop floors, and show a threatening stance on the part of the government in place of the correct stance, a paternalistic and pro-worker stance. Foremen and bosses read these ads to say, the government wants fear driven workers with no say in workplace matters to know, big brother doesn’t give a damn if you get hurt, and it is probably your fault for not only doing your job, but also assuming responsibility for not getting hurt, in circumstances we know you cannot control! Post (GRD) great republican depression, oppression in the workplace will simply not work – the workers will have lost hope and simply not obey foolish orders and commands! An emancipation of the working class, Obama led, in true leftist fashion is about to befall North American industry. We have been disrespected, poorly paid, and bullied for long enough, now, disenfranchised by foreclosures, unfair layoffs, and second class citizenry, we will sit down and let the white shirts do some of the grunt work, while we enjoy or already poverty stricken existence on welfare wages, we simply won’t turn up daily for the abuse anymore!

  7. Its graphic. Try being a 1st Aid attendant. When you get to deal with industrial accidents that maim or kill people. If these signs scare one person GREAT! ! ! On less person I have to try and hold together till the ambulance arrives.

    I have shut down sites due to safety hazards…an not even my bosses are willing to take on Worksafe BC!

    Gory signs (awareness) and decent training can bring down the accidents…all that is needed is an attendant with balls to face the boss.

  8. I don’t understand the last one…he was killed because he was distracted by the signs telling him to be careful? Is that sending the right message?

  9. Uncle B, first and foremost these are warning signs designed to alert people in hazardous environments NOT signs designed by the oppressive bourgeoisie to keep the working man down. These are jobs people work BY THEIR OWN CHOICE in order to obtain little green strips of paper to trade for a little bit of food and a lot of useless crap they don’t need. If you don’t like the work environment then leave, if you don’t like the society that built it then separate yourself. Or work in a constructive fashion within the limitations of the structure to make improvements.

    These photos are very pointed and excellently presented to show the brutality of accidents caused by everyday failures in a hazardous environment.

  10. These remind me of those weird ads Canada put out warning people about workplace hazards. The ones I have seen are a Girl in a kitchen spilling Boiling Liquid all over herself after Slipping and another one of a guy sitting next to an Oxy/Acetylene torch that explodes.
    They are not for the faint of heart so watch them at your own risk.

  11. Uncle B, Kyle and Anthony; Hear! Hear! Right on the money. The whitewashing of industrial accidents goes right in line with the rest of the homogenization of our lives; No one loses at children’s sports, everyone is equal in ALL things, etc.

  12. Ummm…okay, so am I the only one who thinks that Asian chick is smokin’ hot?

    I mean, I’d do her…


  13. “these images are crude & disturbing, my son died in a workplace accident and i dont think thses images are appropriate.”

    obviously he didnt se the posters…

  14. @G: These ARE Canadian ads…

    I’ve seen a few of them before, but I haven’t shuddered, which kinda sucks if I’m going to get into that kind of workplace. Too bad I’m not a guy to do manual work for a living… can’t get me, suckers.

    @F: Yes, they are iPod headphones. Well, they’re not headphones, they’re earphones, but whatever.

  15. If “Big brother” actually exists and doesnt care, then what are these? On top of that, what makes people so certain that theyre the smart ones to figure this stuff out? Anyway,yes, they are grossly inappropriate and all that, but that isnt an accident. Just like the videos they show at drivers ed meant to shock you into being afraid of driving to the point where you drive safely. If I was constantly afraid of headphones and safety signs killing me, I wouldn’t listen to music or look too too closely at signs. People are jaded these days, usually from graphic movies, media and posters. THATS BETTER!

  16. this might sound stupid but i don’t think people should be working in places where a distraction could end your life

  17. lol. i like how the guy named herpies is offended by the pictures. like…showing gore is innapropriate, and making your online callsign a disgusting STI is what exactly?

  18. lol. i like how the guy named mitch is offended by herpies. like… having herpies can be inappropriate, but making your online callsign an average name of middle english origin is what exactly?

  19. Sorry, Anniesh, but you should rather contact Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board directly.

  20. Safety Posters are not The Warning like this scene at Site.Its not appropriate sign care of safety its like threat or Haras the Worker.Please Change this Style.Thanks for good Work.

  21. I believe these graphic messages over the ordinary, put every on to sleep, I was in Iraq 05-06, and ive seen it all. Now I am a manager In a factory, and OSHA certified. I do agree these images are very graphic, and seeing the kind of employees that come into work these days. I believe they need to see the end result of an unsafe work enviorment.

  22. I think all of us must aware of safety in workplace. Accident can happen in any place even at the office. As a teacher in Vocational school at Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia, I need to make sure all of the student know about safety in work place especially at the workshop.

    ‘Save our lives for better future’

  23. Do any of you people actually -work- in an industrial environment? Some of you are going on and on about how it’s ‘the man’ keeping the working man down, or how these ads are trying to make it seem okay that working environments are dangerous.

    The simple fact of the matter is, industrial environments ARE rather dangerous. They aren’t absurdly so, but they are rather dangerous. Spinning machinery can be hard to see/tell its operating due to noise in the environment and the fact that a fast spinning metal cylinder looks much the same as one that is still. Forklifts, -operated by people-, shuffle back and forth moving cargo. It’s not a matter of living in a fear-driven workplace. It’s a matter of paying attention to what you’re doing, and being aware of your environment, while at the same time heeding warning signs and knowing how to operate the equipment around you.

    Headphones? Well, didn’t hear that conveyor/pump/truck start up, now I’m injured. Didn’t read the manual? Well, no wonder I crushed my foot when I tried to figure out what this lever does. Warning sign saying keep out? Well no wonder I got squished by a stupid pneumatic press when I went in. Industrial environments are not out to kill you. But they -will- if you are not careful. It’s part of the price paid in modern society – a perfectly safe workplace doesn’t exist ( even in an office, somebody can fall off a badly placed ladder or the -chair- they were using to change a lightbulb ). Industrial environments are accident mitigated, through worker training, warning signs, and humans being smart. In other words? Empowered workers don’t get hurt.

    These ads, though gruesome, are part of the empowering process. They are another step to helping make another worker smarter, and more aware. A worker like that has control over their place in life.

  24. I work in an Oil field service repair facility and in one month we had three incidents that somewhat relate to the pictures above. Two incidents were forklift related and both were caused by inexperience and complacency. The other involved an overhead crane that was being operated by one person and the hook was being held by another; the crane skipped into high gear and the hook ripped from the hand of the one employee and swung knocking the hard hat off of an innocent bystander. Had the hook been an inch lower the person would be without teeth and a broken nose due to the pivot point on the hook. All three incidents involved workers who were less than 6 months on the job and all under the age of 25.
    These pictures aren’t graphic, they’re what CAN AND WILL happen if you’re not paying attention or using equipment for something other than its intended purpose.
    I’ve also had the privilege of holding a mans life in my hands on a construction site after a zoomboom operator overloaded a flat bed truck and 3000lbs of equipment fell and crushed the guy on the back of the truck. Again he was in the wrong place and payed a heft price. But it opens your eyes to the possibilities that exist when you lose focus for a split second.
    I’m a safety coordinator and I think these ads are bang on!!!

  25. Too graphic?….please.I work in an Industry where people still take short cuts, not wearing fall arrest, safety glasses or locking out a power source. They are all of the same opinion, it can’t happen to me.
    When will people learn? Take the time and do it safe. There is a thing called the ripple affect, how an accident can effect more then the person being injured or dying. Its all about the shock value in the pictures. I use them in my Orientations. Pictures of people being pulled into conveyors and wrapped around head pulleys. Its the reality of doing un safe acts.

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