Small danger of Africa

Africa – a beautiful place, but in the same time it is dangerous. On its huge territories many fauna livers have found their place and are fighting for survival with the severe climate of this continent.

You think that the danger is coming from big predators as lions, hyenas, leopards ? But what about spiders? They are small, hard to see, and have enough venom to kill a person just with one bite.

rain spider
Rain spider

rain spider
Rain spider

Sicarius-(six eyed sand spider)
Sicarius-(six eyed sand spider)

black widow
Black widow

jumping spider (evarcha culicivora)
jumping spider

Deinopsis - ogre faced spider
Deinopsis – ogre faced spider

Darwin's Bark Spider (Caerostris darwini)
Darwin’s Bark Spider

Sac spider

Brown recluse or violin spider

Baboon spider

One thought on “Small danger of Africa”

  1. A lot of the spiders you showed are harmless rain spiders known as huntsman spiders are harmless, so are jumping spiders and the baboon tarantula they cannot kill you.

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