Smart and funny toilet signs

You are probably well accustomed to the best examples of the toilet humor (in its literal sense). All those rhymed (poorly) calls to come closer and aim better, cross-legged man and woman figures and so on. Most people are replicating what they saw somewhere else, that’s why all those signs look the same after a while. However, sometimes, either deliberately or accidentally, a gem appears on a restroom’s wall.

1. Oh, Japan! Super-man, Spider-man and Bat-man were not enough for you, so you created the mighty Toilet-man

2. The nerdiest toilet sign. Written in Unix bash script language

3. The toilet of strong currents in the Kynance Cove, Cornwall, UK

4. Absolutely no Kung-Fu fighting - the best example of toilet humor

5. Maximum occupancy 150 people. Do you supposed to enter this toilet and count all who are inside?

6. There surely should be long stay toilets nearby.

7. Being caught in the Delhi airport it would be bigger relief for you if the toilet would actually work

8. Smart way to say they can't afford robotic toilet cleaners yet

9. Not much people are using public toilets without emergency

10. The best toilet of the year in Thailand

11. Is there any way of making the restroom visit even more uncomfortable?

12. This one should the biggest toilet of the world

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