Snow sculptures of Sapporo

On the northernmost Japanese island Hokkaido winters are still comparably mild but extremely snowy. After particularly fierce blizzards the whole island could be paralyzed for a several days.

If all you have in surplus is snow it’s really great idea to put it to work. In the 1950 such idea came into minds of Sapporo students. They have build some snow sculptures in the city park. Since that time every year one week of February turns the capital of the Hokkaido prefecture in Japan into the capital of snow sculpture building festival.

1. The Snow sculpture at Sapporo Snow Festival. Photo by Tony Lin

Last years hundreds of artists from all over the world are taking part in the Sapporo Snow Festival. They are building more than 400 snow statues and installations in three different locations in Sapporo. More than two million people visiting the event every year.

2. Snow sphinx sculpture at 59th Sapporo Snow Festival. Photo by Keiko S

3. Snow castle at 59th Sapporo Snow Festival. Photo by Keiko S

4. Snow Buddha. Photo by Angie Harms

5. Snow horseman and the tower

6. The World snow sculpture

7. The Power of Women snow sculpture presented by the Indonesian artists at the 63rd Sapporo Snow Festival

8. Sea mammals snow sculpture at the 63rd Sapporo Snow Festival

9. Taj Mahal built entirely of snow

10. UBH TV channel snow bas-relief depicting channel's most famous characters

11. The Leaping Dragon. Hong Kong's addition to the 63rd Sapporo Snow Festival exhibition

12. Snow Manohra from Thailand

13. Traditional Japanese house made of snow

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