6 thoughts on “Spiral Phenomena In The Skies Of Northern Norway”

  1. Thanks, guys. These are beautiful. It looks like most of the stuff on youtube now is degraded and disinformationized. I cannot find the original video that starts with the Norwegian guy saying “Hva faen er det!” (What the hell is that!)

  2. @Chase:
    you actually believe what you said? Honestly?

    Ok, genious, please tell us, how the f..k did this thing manage to stay in the sky for so long?

    Geez, the ignorant really are blessed. And the stupid too.

  3. In a logical point of view i lean towards either some sort of light spectrum phenomenom or some sort of alien technology. Considering that most events that are put into question can be scientifically proven and this one happen to stun and interest logical scientific minds makes me wonder where this came from.

    Also the missle comment was a little funny.

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