Star Trek themed scratching posts

The scratching posts—more or less responsible cat owners are buying for their beloved pets—are not just a thing for the cat. These things are, obviously, the furniture for the cat. And most of the time said furniture as big and as visible as a human one. This fact puts the responsible cat owner before the hard choice: either deprive his/hers beloved cat from a joy of scratching, tearing or ripping a specially designed thingy (thus putting an expensive sofa at a huge risk of being an unfortunate substitute) or put in the middle (figuratively speaking, of course) of the room the huge strange thing that turns all that interrior design into inferior one.

Luckilly enough, today there is a smart choice for almost anything. And the scratching posts are not the exception. Behold the scratching post that will satisfy both cat’s urge to tear apart smething and cat owner’s desire to express his or hers cultural background and origins.

Star Trek themed scratching post with the cat sitting on the USS Enterprise

The guy who made these wonderful USS Enterprise shaped pieces of cat’s furniture are indeed a huge Star Trek fan.

Star Trek TV series themed scratching post for cat

Star Trek themed USS Enterprise shaped cat trees

USS Enterprise shaped cat scratching post

Sci-Fi themed scratching post

6 thoughts on “Star Trek themed scratching posts”

  1. Hello, Nikki
    This is kind of a do-it-yourself thing, so I don’t know if you can buy one. However you can try to make something like that by yourself.

  2. AmyC, those are self-made. You can try make them by yourself as well. Or… you can try to contact some custom furniture maker.

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