Stone wall trees of Hong Kong

The modern Hong Kong is the most densely populated area of our planet. In the beginning of the XX century, thanks to its strategic location, Hong Kong has become the gateway not only into the China but to the whole South-East Asia. The trade has boosted the economy and the growing economy has grown the city high.

Today every square meter of Hong Kong is used. The city has a big picturesque park and a lot of green recreational areas, but in most places there are no unpaved ground at all. Could it stop the nature? No, it couldn’t. If there is no horizontal space, the nature will use vertical. This is how the famous Hong Kong stone wall trees are growing.

Those trees are mostly banyans. They are known for their numerous and expansive roots. It helps this tree specie to grow in such places no other plant could hold for any reasonable time. Thousands of the banyan’s roots make their way through the tiny pores of the stone reliably fixing the tree on any surface. Like on the brick walls, for example.

1. Banyan hanging on the stone wall in Hong Kong

2. Banyan hanging on the stone wall in Hong Kong

3. Banyan roots

4. Banyan growing on the vertical surface

5. Stonewall covered with banyan roots

6. Banyan trees in the residential area of Hong Kong

7. Ficus tree growing on the building wall in the center of Hong Kong

8. Banyans growing on the stone walls are giving a nice shade without taking any valuable space

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