Stuffed Mice And Cats

Natasha Fadeeva is the Russian knitting artist living in Moscow. Her knitted and stuffed mice, cats and other animals have gained a blazing popularity among her fellow-countrymen. And now these little cuties are ready to take over the rest of the world.

Stuffed mice by Natasha Fadeeva

Stuffed mice by Natasha Fadeeva

Happy cat with her kittens

Stuffed cats by Natasha Fadeeva

Relaxing cat with the hamster

Stuffed cat made by a photo

This one was created specially for Mike and Mary in memory of their cat Tiger.

You can find tens of other Natasha Fadeeva works at the wonderful gallery on he website here.

10 thoughts on “Stuffed Mice And Cats”

  1. please send me information on how much your stuffed mice cost and how I can get one. They are wonderful

  2. I think the phrase stuffed mice is misleading as people seperate it from the rest of the sentence

    I think what it should say is she knits then stuffs the knitted mice figures


  3. Of course it’s not a taxidermy. These mice are knitted. I think, looking at the photos in this post, it’s hard to mix them up with the real ones.

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