Stunning watermelon carvings

For many people watermelon is just a delicious fruit, but for true artists it is a great material for creation. Watermelon carving is a traditional Japanese art form known as Mukimono.

On a holiday table one of these creations can give and unique, delicious and stunning look.

Check out some examples of this beautiful virtuosity.

watermelon carvings
1. Happy Birthday watermelon carving Source:
watermelon flower
2. Flower Watermelon carving. Source:
watermelon carving
3. Aligator Watermelon carving. Source:
watermelon carving
4. Wiking Watermelon carving. Source:
bascket watermelon
5. Flower Basket carving


If you want to start creating fascinating sculptures as you saw above, all you will need is patience and a hundred or two of watermelons.

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