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  1. The fourth one from the top is actually a disguised water tower. The city decided that the water tower was ugly and had that built around it.

  2. The 4th from the top WAS a water tower, but has since been fully converted into living space. It is called ‘The House in the Clouds’ and can be found in the village of Thorpness, Suffolk, England.

  3. The “bridge house” would be frightening to live in. The island houses are equally ridiculous and unsafe. Unless they magically rise with the water levels.

  4. That tiny one on the island is kind of like the house I own, only not surrounded by water like that. Oh, did I mention my house is actually a dumpster?


  5. I know where the first one is, it’s the “Mother-In-Law” House in 1000 Islands, NY. My favorite place in the world:)

    1. Yeah, across the water from Boldt Castle. I worked at the museum at the river’s edge.

  6. I second Kira’s comment.
    1000 Islands is also my favorite place in the world.
    How ironic that I now live in Colorado where I have to travel hours to get to unspoiled water.

  7. The last one looks like that village he passed through in Batman Begins… Or was it one of the Tomb Raider films? I don’t know which, but I got a strong feeling of deja-vu when I saw it.

  8. Used to live in Aldeburgh…used to take long walks that would run us past #4 occasionally. Always wanted to see the inside…

  9. These are some great pictures. I am not sure if I would want to live in them but I sure would want them as a vacation home or getaway!

  10. What possesses people to want to live in places like that, let alone build there?

    All but the last, believe it or not, I consider “understandable”. OK, some people like to literally live on the edge, but whatever possessed not one, but a group of people to say “Hey, I’d love to live on the very edge of a 1000 foot precipice, under a 1000 foot precipice, without any room to breath, let alone fart. Hey, let’s make sure all needs have to be hoisted in/out, and let’s make sure it[‘s built out of a lot of heavy wood! Hey, let’s disregard the potentially harsh weather that wants to blow it or wash it down too!”

    Sure, these things are cool to look at, and even some architects and anthropologists may find fascination in them, but WTF!?

  11. I don’t know They are beautiful homes but thanks to natural erosion the beauty is fleeting mobility is best suited to humans.

  12. The last one is a monastery in Bhutan called Tiger’s Nest – I’d love to visit there sometime.

  13. The last one is in Bhutan. It is called Takhsang – or “The Tiger’s Nest.” It is a Buddhist Monastery in the Himalayas.

  14. That 1st one is faked, and if it’s not, it’s owned by an idiot. 1 rainfall puts that house under water

  15. I dunno. Some truly beautiful homes/buildings but the ones on the cliffsides are way too precarious. I can imagine living there only to have the cliff or mountain give way and then you’d find yourself crashing down the mountainside only to be buried in mega-tons of rock and debris. But yes, they are beautiful.

  16. Sure you’d like to live there…
    Untill erosion makes your house fall off the cliff/submerge.

    Although I have to admit, yes, they are nice buildings :)
    Close to, if not, works of art.

  17. The last one is indeed the Tigers Nest monastery in the Paro Valley in Bhutan. It is about three hundred meters or so above the valley floor which is its self at an altitude of 2500m above sea level. The climb up to the monastery takes about two and a half hours if you’re reasonably fit. The monks who live there have to carry all of their supplies up by hand, even horses can only go part of the way as the path narrows to single file with a sheer drop to the valley floor. It was built in the 14th century and all materials were hauled up by rope. It is spectacular and one of the most peaceful places on earth but you’d need to be really devoted to live there. Not as scary as you might think.

  18. They are nice to look at but dam what a bitch it must be to ride in a boat everything you need to go some wheres or climb all the dam stairs.
    Only an insane person would live in these places, I mean look good at the pictures and ask yourself would realyy like to live there or take the money these places cost and buy something I could love.

  19. >> it must be to ride in a boat everything you need to go some wheres or climb all the dam stairs.

    At least you will never need to pay for gym anymore.

  20. The first one is on a CT lake and was up for sale for about three years for over a million dollars. What you can’t see is that to the right, about twenty yards away, is the shore. Too far to walk, for sure, but given the boat traffic you would be crazy to swim it.

  21. >> it must be to ride in a boat everything you need to go some wheres or climb all the dam stairs.

    >>At least you will never need to pay for gym anymore.

    Or Gas

  22. The House in the Clouds (the last one) was indeed a water tower, now it has been converted into a holiday home. Being in Suffolk there are no strong winds or major floods or much at all really. I walked down the coast from Aldeburgh to Snape for my Duke of Edinburgh expedition and at all points you could either see that or Sizewell Nuclear Power Station, both lovely structures. It is not a Buhtanese Temple by any stretch of the imagination. It is definitely not at the top of a mountain.

    Number 3 is a very sensible design, why pay for plumbing?

  23. sorry, only the first 4 had loaded when I looked. The last one may well be a Buhtanese temple. It is also on top of a mountain

  24. I wonder if the homes on the cliff have higher insurance rates? If I was single, almost anywhere outside of the terrible suburbs I live in would be ideal. Being married with a fifth grader sort of reduces your options for exotic home locations.

  25. Likes having toes fondled by snorkeling green monkeys in the basin of the Amazon rain forest.

  26. On one hand you have got a great view…on the other hand you have got to get groceries and kids in the house….hhhmmm no brainer for me.

  27. 5th one down is Bonifacio on the southern tip of Corsica. Part of that cliff gave way in the 1960’s I believe, taking a couple of houses with it.

  28. Wow, these homes are beautiful.

    But, it would be really stupid if i were to live in one of these. You could go to bed one night and find yourself in a lot of water in the morning.

    Why would somebody want to live in one of these? Theyre so bloody dangerous!!

    One person commented on sleepwalking when living in one of these houses. I’d feel damn sorry for a sleepwalker here.

    They are nice to look at though…

  29. All I can say is HELL NO!!! They seem really cool but I would be scared out of my mind to live in either one.

  30. That last one is a monk’s monastery. The bridge across a deep cliff to the building is guarded and you aren’t allowed to pass unless you are either expected, or are a monk who lives there. I had a picture of this building on my desktop for over a year. I find it fascinating. Almost might be worth it to be a monk just to live there.

  31. the first one is not on a CT lake at all, but is nicknamed “Just Room Enough” and also “Mother In Law” house, in the 1000 Islands of New York. It is overlooked by Boldt Castle. I have been visiting this area for years, and this home has stood for many years. The St. Lawrence River is actually going down, and freezes hard every year, so there are no problems. Also, this small home is built on a shoal, which if anything will get larger with the receding waterline. For anyone who doesn’t know much about the 1000 islands, it is one of the most magical and beautiful places in the entire world!

  32. I would live in two, three, five, and six. The others are just ugly, otherwise, I’d be down.

  33. if i am not mistaken the last one is in sikkim india…its not a house its currently a printing press…
    it is believed that a monarch used to dump prisoners tied up in a sack from this building….ironically the monarch died in the same spot due to a car accident…

  34. No way… NO WAY is the last one real, unless the people can live without water and/or electricity. Sorry, but i don’t buy most of them, in fact.

    Pictures simply are not worth a thousand words anymore. They can’t be trusted, and tho the houses are interesting, and a couple may even be real, they are pretty much someone’s fantasy and a photoshop program.

    The 3rd and 5th, i might believe (and another poster has already cleared up the water tank photo… #4), but the first and last (likely the 2nd as well) are just not very believable for the utilities issue. Those with that kind of taste are usually not willing to live without toilets that flush, cable or satalight TV, etc. If someone can clear it up for me, make me believe them, i’d be happy to.

    As a fantasy, they are quite sweet, i just can’t believe much of them.

  35. Xanz, you have got to be a fellow American. Believe it or not, there are people who don’t find electricity necessary–especially bhutanes monks. You make a lot of assumptions. Have you ever known anyone with taste?

  36. Where is the 2nd one? I’d very much like to visit a place like this. It looks like a Greek island. Does anyone know where it is?

  37. I love the Bhutanese house. No traffic noises or unwanted visitors, just peace and the sounds of the wind. Power? you dont really need it and as for sewage… well… it is a long drop :]

  38. I like the first one the most. About the safety issues that frightens some of you guys/girls so much you can just stay tucked wherever you feel good. Just remember that not everybody shares your paranoias. No need to insult whoever choses to live under different standards than your “safe” ones. I said.

  39. I want that house in the second picture. I love that private dock and the fact that it’s completely isolated. Not to mention the house itself is amazing.

  40. These are fantastic – and if you assume they’re photoshopped you live in a rather pathetic little bubble of a world. There are much weirder things out there than structures built (gasp!) by the water or on a cliff edge (and private generators/water systems are pretty commonly available).
    I would definitely love to live in some of them (1 is fantastic use of space, though bit small, 3 is nice and traditional if a little dull, 6 is obv just stunning), even if they are massively impractical – for first impressions and picturesqueness value they’re hard to beat!

  41. i live in Brockville Ontario Canada which is home to the 100o islands which is where that first house is located…it’s so weird for people to say that its their favorite place on earth..

  42. I’d choose the archipelago of Turku (Finland) for a summer home on an island. Beautiful place I discovered by literally missing my boat to Helsinki.

  43. Don’t you think that number 2 looks like a Bondy type bad guy’s lair? wouldn’t mind living there though. ^-^

  44. Wow surprised that the first house is so popular. I know right where that is. I used to live in that town. It is like others have said the mother in law house in the 1000 islands. The funny part is the huge 300+ room castle that is about 150 yards away. :) Look it up it is boldt castle in Alexandria Bay NY

  45. All of these are pretty cool, really liked the last one, also a few people mentioned Thousand Islands, there are many, many amazing houses/mansions/castles out there, too.

  46. Yes, these are beautiful places, but none of them are practical places to live from my perspective, and the prospect of having my home slide down a cliff is not exactly a selling point.
    It does blow me away that there are or were construction people willing to build in places like this.
    I can’t help but wonder what they were thinking the entire time they were working.

  47. ive actually stayed at the fourth one down,slept in the top red bit,it was the games room,creepy as fuck cos u could feel the whole building shake and creak when it was windy

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