SUV stuck across the archway

Mystery, sometimes you can meet it where you would never expect it to fit in.

The woman who was driving the red SUV somehow managed to get stuck her car right across the narrow archway under the apartment block.

SUV got stuck across the narrow archway

The red SUV vehicle got stuck perfectly perpendicular to the archway’s walls. It was 15 cm (6”) from the front of the car to the wall, and less than 10 cm (4”) from the rear end of the car to the other wall.

SUV stuck perfectly tight between the walls of the narrow archway

Nobody knows how this woman has managed to do the trick without getting a single scratch on her (rather expensive) car. There are two major versions about it:

The first one says that the group of youngsters decided to prank this woman for whatever reason. They have blocked the car midways under the archway and than manually turned it 90 degrees.

The second version says the woman has used a handbrake turn technique for whatever reason and managed to slide her car sideways into the middle of the archway.

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