Swedish Retro Future Landscapes

Harsh yet serene scenes of the Scandinavian countryside were the subject of choice for many artists. Plethora of Swedish and Norwegian painters made their motherland’s nature well known far from the mountains, and lakes, and forests of the North.

Though, the most fruitful period for the Nordic landscape came at the end of the nineteenth century, modern painters from this part of our planet still know how to grab our attention.

Retro-futuristic landscape by Simon Stålenhag
© Simon Stålenhag

Meet Simon Stålenhag. A young landscape painter from the suburbs of Stockholm. His works continue traditions of Nordic pastoral yet with a twist. And what’s even better, with a sci-fi twist.

The classic landscapes of Simon Stålenhag are littered with artifacts of the future that never was. Village kids are playing by the rusty remains of the futuristic machines, old mechanic is fiddling with the intestines of the hovercraft, dinosaurs are roaming in the frozen fields. The 80’s Volvos and Volkswagens are parked by the hovering harvesters and walking tractors, the people seem to be OK with the wireless power lines and the prehistoric reptiles. This rural Sweden from the parallel universe is utterly awesome.

See all the paintings in Full HD resolution on Simon’s website. And keep in mind that most of them make great desktop backgrounds for any sci-fi fan.

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  1. Such things are more about craft rather than art. An undoubtedly crafty artist picked a topic that will surely bring him a loads of attention. A sure way to success.

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