Masters of seduction

Today, our little brothers will teach us how to seduce the opposite sex. And it seems that some of them do it much better than we are. I think most of us have ever tried to learn this necessary trick but maybe you haven’t managed to impress someone. Don’t be in despair! Our animals can teach us.

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Albino Cats

Albinism—a genetic defect of melanin production, causing the close to none pigmentation of the skin, eyes and hair—occurring among all animals including humans and humans’ best friends—cats.

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Ocelot or, how it’s called in the Sauth America, Tigrillo is a small wild cat. Scientists are also calling it a dwarf leopard.

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Asian Leopard cats

Asian Leopard cats nowadays are the most numerous wild cats specie on our planet. Also, they are the most genetically close to the ancient specie domestic cats came from. In India, where the Asian Leopard cats population is particularly large, the wild females are often mating with domestic males living among people in villages. The hybrids are known as Bengal cats.

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