Masters of seduction

Today, our little brothers will teach us how to seduce the opposite sex. And it seems that some of them do it much better than we are. I think most of us have ever tried to learn this necessary trick but maybe you haven’t managed to impress someone. Don’t be in despair! Our animals can teach us.

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The paper masterpieces

Have you ever wondered what you can make out of a few sheets of ordinary paper? A letter, a poem, a really long shopping list… As time passes by, people tend to give the well known things a new purpose. Sometimes, with the help from all the muses of creativity, they can make a real masterpiece.

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Creative variants of The World Map

Geography isn’t usually the most favorite subject at school. Will you agree that learning the structure of the land and the location on the map isn’t as interesting as the lessons of art, music and science? But just imagine how the children would react if they see the World Map, made out of butterflies or various things associated with a particular country.

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