Extreme selfie

Over the last few years selfie has become a kind of self-portrait consisting in photographing yourself on camera. Selfie gained enormous popularity. Social networks are clogged with absolutely meaningless pictures of the same type with silly faces.

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Skylines Then and Now

The world is rapidly changing, and we often don’t stop to look around and see its progress. Even coming home from short trip can reveal that your city is becoming increasingly unfamiliar, such that you can’t recognize a once well-known environment.

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Amazing Sand Sculptures

Hundreds of sand sculpting competitions are held annually around the world. One of the longest running competitions is the World Championship of Sand Sculptures. This amazing competition has taken place in Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia and other varied locations since 1986. The competition includes single, dual, and team categories. Sculptors’ methods can be quite complex, and achievements in this competition are often recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

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