Japanese snow monkeys

Monkeys are humans’ closest relatives on the tree of life. Humans and chimpanzees, for instance, are sharing 97.6% of their genome. Macaques—that’s how the Japanese snow monkeys are called scientifically—are little bit more distant, it means they are sharing less genetic code with humans, but it doesn’t means they look really different.

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Baby leopards

It all began tens (and even hundreds) off thousands years ago when our hunter-gatherer ancestors were rambling across the African savannah in the constant search for the rare edible plants and even more rare animal corpses that wasn’t yet scavenged by the more powerful or luckier species.

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Fennec — the desert fox

Fennec a.k.a. the desert fox a.k.a Vulpes Zerda is a very small fox with a grotesquely large ears. In their natural habitat in Tunis and Algeria fennecs are hunting for large insects and small lizards through the night and spending their days sleeping in the burrows or other natural shelters. Such kind of living made fennecs awesomely big eared and unbearably cute.

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Ocelot or, how it’s called in the Sauth America, Tigrillo is a small wild cat. Scientists are also calling it a dwarf leopard.

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Domesticated foxes

Foxes domesticated in the first generation are not the rare. From time to time somebody finds the abandoned fox puppies and brings them home, feeds them, cares about them. Fox puppies grow and becoming faithful friends to their savior. Since foxes are closely related to wolves and dogs they are sharing most of the habits and behavior.

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Asian Leopard cats

Asian Leopard cats nowadays are the most numerous wild cats specie on our planet. Also, they are the most genetically close to the ancient specie domestic cats came from. In India, where the Asian Leopard cats population is particularly large, the wild females are often mating with domestic males living among people in villages. The hybrids are known as Bengal cats.

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