Harvester ran over a bear

Russian bears are working hard all day long entertaining people in Russian cities playing balalaikas and drinking vodka. It’s usually very late when they are going home, back to the forest. And the vodka inside their stomachs casts a dream spell on them. This guy was unable to resist taking a nap in the fields. Bad luck for him: he was ran over by a harvester next morning.

A bear was ran over by a harvester somewhere in Russia

Fortunately, the bear fell asleep in the shallow pit at the field. That saved his life. Local farmers have rescued him from the deadly trap and asked to play balalaika for free.

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Canon G9 and A650IS digicams

Recent Canon’s announcements brought two jewels to the digicam market. I’m talking not about 40D or 1DsMIII – the former costs a little less than $2G and the latter a little less than $10G not counting high-quality (and though very expensive) lenses that you’ll need to unlock potential of these cameras. I’m talking about smaller and much more cheaper G9 and A650IS Powershot digicams.

Canon G9 and Canon A650IS digital cameras
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What’s your first shot with the new camera?

Most of the digital cameras have similar internal file naming pattern. something like this: DSC#####.JPG. So it’s easy to figure out that the file named DSC00001.JPG is the very first shot taken with a new camera.

A lot of people are uploading their photos online without any postprocessing, they aren’t renaming the files most of the time. It’s could be interesting to look what the people shoot first of all.

What’s the surprise! The first four results that Google Image Search gave to me were… hmmm… look at the screenshot:

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Environment friendly portable wind up media player

ECO media player - Environment friendly portable wind up mp3 player

Eco Media Player designed by the British manufacturer Trevor Baylis Brands is one of the first wind up mp3 player available. Yet it could be charged via USB connection as any other mp3 player on todays market, you won’t ran out of juice being in countryside (or somewhere) away from you laptop or desktop PC.

Besides the wind up handle on the back this great gadget has a load more features:

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Cakes as art

Famous Russian confectioner and cake designer Jane from Saint Petersburg baking probably most fascinating and most amazing cakes in the world. You can see entire collection on her site (text in Russian). And here just some of her cakes that looks like a pieces of art. I can’t believe someone could eat them. That’s awful to crash these beauty with your hungry teeth.

Scorpio zodiac sign cake

This cake would be a great gift for someone who was born under the Scorpio zodiac sign.

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Anti-infrared underwear

Anti-infrared underwear

Cramer Japan hi-tech wear company have started the sales of their new and unique product – ShotGuard Inner Shorts. Its unique feature is ability to stop infrared rays and thus to prevent to shot you nude with IR cameras that can make your usual clothes disappear.

Such cameras becomes more and more available to almost everyone, not only professionals could afford it but also perverts of any kind. Harmless fun turns into social problem.

Cramer’s anti-infrared pants will help women athletes to feel more protected from the kinky homebrewed paparazzi just for 2,000 Yen (US$17). Bras made of the same material is coming soon.