Trip to Russia calculator

A man after a week of drinking vodkaAre you ever willing to travel to Russia? If yes than you’ll like this site where you can calculate how much your trip to Russia will cost.

There you can find that a bottle of good vodka will cost you from $4 to $8, but that cheep smelly one that all Russians usually drinks before driving or operating heavy machinery is as low as $2.25 per bottle (half Russian dose).

You can rent a room for free in the nearest abandoned village in exchange for carrying water and chopping wood.

Killing someone while being drunk will cost you four or five years in jail (TB included).

If you’ll get a nasty infection, prepare $200 for STD treatment.

And finally, if something went really wrong you’ll need just under $1000 for traditional yet humble funeral. Have a nice trip!

You will die

Have you ever forgot about the inevitability of death? Have you?

Mr Johnes Watches: Remember, you will die

If you have, than you need this wristwatch from UK based manufacturer Mr Johnes Watches. The hour hand reads “remember” and the minute one – “you will die“.

Another cool feature of this pretty minimalistic wristwatch is its quantity – just one hundred of copies were made. Each copy has its serial number from 1 to 100 engraved on the back. And you can choose your lucky number. Of cause if you will be lucky enough to get one.

The price is quite democratic too – £79.99 or around $162. If you live outside European Union 17% VAT will be deducted.

Zhang Huan

Photo by Zhang Huan

“Some people ask me: “You are Buddhist?” Inside, I’m a Buddhist; outside, I’m an artist. You know, Buddhism emphasizes Buddha should always exist in your mind.” © Zhang Huan

Zhang Huan – contemporary American (native Chinese) photographer, painter, sculptor and performance artist. His works, which you can find at his website, are strange and eclectic… made with Buddha in mind.

One of Zhang Huan installations – “Peace” – is a bronze copy of the artist nude hangs horizontally in front of large bronze bell. When the viewer pushes the body towards bell the loud bong running through the gallery. In his “My Boston” series a man pictured with a huge book wrapped around his neck.

$200 Laptop

Well known laptop and computer peripherals manufacturer from Taiwan – Asus – announced ultra portable notebook PC. 900 grammes Eee PC 701 equipped with 7″ LCD screen, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, Ethernet card and modem. RAM 512Mb. It will store user’s software and data on the 4Gb, 8Gb or 16Gb flash-drive. This tiny laptop is fully compatible with Windows XP or Linux. But the most important in this release is the price: cheapest configuration will cost you about 200 (two hundred) US dollars. Some kind of OLPC not only for poorest.

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Twelve 5-9 wristwatch from Tokyoflash, Japan

Japanese design company Tokyoflash is selling a lot of unusual and unique LED watches online. Most of them are pretty geeky. For example, the Twelve 5-9 L wristwatch shown above tells time using three groups of LED lights: the first group is for hours, the second is for the first digit of minutes, and one for the second minutes digit. It’s 2:55 in the picture above – fairly easy to read, and of course a nice conversation starter.

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