Creative variants of The World Map

Geography isn’t usually the most favorite subject at school. Will you agree that learning the structure of the land and the location on the map isn’t as interesting as the lessons of art, music and science? But just imagine how the children would react if they see the World Map, made out of butterflies or various things associated with a particular country.

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Old Mill in Sorento

Italy — the cradle of the European civilisation — is full of ancient ruins. Some walls and roads there remember a dozen of Roman emperors. But some ruins are not like the others, some are special, even if they stand right in the pretty modern city.

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Reinebringen peak, Lofoten islands

Reinebringen is the picturesque mountain on the Moskenes island in the Lofoten archipelago in the North-West part of Norway. When you find the secret passage, hidden in the bushes, which leads to the dried bed of the stream, you can climb to the top of the mountain, onto the bluff, hanging high above the Reine village. The way up is really steep but the postcard-perfect scenery totally worth the efforts.

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