Like cat and dog

Cats and dogs are supposed to hate each other, right? Not in the case of these sweet little fellows. They are definitely one of those happy exceptions.

Look at the photos of them their owner, reddit user blacky_tat took. Mango and Lucy look like a perfect couple.

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Masters of seduction

Today, our little brothers will teach us how to seduce the opposite sex. And it seems that some of them do it much better than we are. I think most of us have ever tried to learn this necessary trick but maybe you haven’t managed to impress someone. Don’t be in despair! Our animals can teach us.

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Albino dogs

Despite the fact that albinism is equally rare among all vertebrates from humans to fish and birds, the real albino dogs are even rarer due to two reasons. The first reason is that the most “albino” dogs pictures on the internet depicting pretty normal dogs with white fur. The second one — it’s a bit hard to figure out if your dog is real albino.

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Albino Cats

Albinism—a genetic defect of melanin production, causing the close to none pigmentation of the skin, eyes and hair—occurring among all animals including humans and humans’ best friends—cats.

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Cute ferrets

Did you know that in the European Union the ferrets, cats and dogs are the only pets legitimate to get the all-european pet passport? When a European pet ferret owner is going to visit neighbouring country he should check in with his local veterinarian to make all the mandatory vaccinations for his pet and get pet’s papers.

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Cats with camera

The advance of the digital photography in the beginning of the XXI century made everyone and their cats the photographers. All you need to be able say—”I’m photographer”—is to spend some bucks on a digital camera, better the one with more buttons, levers and dials on it.

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Arowana is the most expensive aquarium fish in the world. The flawless platinum scale variation could be priced at as much as 200.000 US currency. The usual price of the golden dragonscale variety is about 25 thousand dollars. However, more common South American, Australian and Asian breeds could be found for about 70 bucks for a small fry.
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Domesticated foxes

Foxes domesticated in the first generation are not the rare. From time to time somebody finds the abandoned fox puppies and brings them home, feeds them, cares about them. Fox puppies grow and becoming faithful friends to their savior. Since foxes are closely related to wolves and dogs they are sharing most of the habits and behavior.

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