Fake Name Generator

Have you ever tried to think out a fake name for yourself? Looking around for something to feed your imagination. Calling yourself Richie Asher because of Donald Trump show on TV and the Marlboro cigarette in the ash-tray, pretending that you are from Oakland because of the tree outside the window?

This is not needed anymore. Fake Name Generator will do it much better in a seconds. Choose your new nationality: American, Hispanic, Swedish or even Japanese or Chinese. Choose your country of fake origin among US, Canada, Europe or Asia. Choose a sex if you want to change it. And this amazing web service will generate a new name and whole new background for you. Also you’ll get a valid credit card number (don’t even try to use it for shopping!).

A nice way to protect your privacy participating in the on-line communities like MySpace, bulletin boards or web-chats. Keep your real name for your tax examiner :)

Drawing with HTML tables

A guy from Japan drawing Anime-style pictures in his own very special way… using HTML table tags. Assigning different colors to a horde of <td> tags he’s got the final drawing appeared in the web browser. This short video demonstrates the whole process of this heavy and laborious work. This is really astonishing.

Kuznetzov Russian Aircraft Carrier

Admiral Kuznetzov - Russian aircraft carrier

Admiral Kuznetzov is the only one Russian aircraft carrier. Actually it’s called heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser because of its capability to carry jet fighters and helicopters along with anti-submarine missiles and “Shipwreck” anti-ship missiles. It’s intended to support nuclear missile-carrying submarines and lesser surface ships of the Russian fleet. Also it could act as a flagship.

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Ford Nucleon

Don’t you know that the Ford Motors company have developing automobile powered by tiny nuclear reactor in the late 50’s? This project was called Ford Nucleon. Some 3/8 scale models were shown but no working sample indeed. There is no technology to make a nuclear reactor sufficiently small and safe to use it as an automobile engine. Reed more about Ford Nucleon at “Damn Interesting” website.

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Flight trough the Sun

Aerial photography is always amazement and it’s more stunning when the subject are the modern jets flying high above the clouds leaving contrails far behind. This gallery is about jets, contrails and clouds making picturesque swirls in the sky. What’s more beautiful could man and nature make together…

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