Half Albino Peacock

This is half albino half normal peacock. Perhaps, it’s a crossbreed between normal specie and an albino one, like that:

Half albino peacock

And this is how the real albino peacock looks like (for comparison purposes)
And this is how the real albino peacock looks like (for comparison purposes)

Another albino peacock
Another albino peacock

Actually, in nature such accurate 50/50 beings are rare. Exempli gratia, not so long ago an apple was found. What makes it stand out from the billions of other apples being grown every year on Earth is its surprisingly accurate 50/50 split of colors.

half green half red apple

Pemba Flying Fox

Pemba flying fox was endangered and almost extincted specie endemic to the Pemba island in Tanzania. These very large (up to 650 grammes/one and a half pounds of weight and 1.85 meters/six feet of wingspan) fruit bats were almost totally exterminated for their delicious meat in 1990s. But thanks to Fauna & Flora International organization and its conservation program the population of the Pemba flying foxes have increased form just a several species in the mid 90s to 36 thousands nowadays. However, Pemba fruit bats (scientists call them Pteropus voeltzkowi) status is still vulnerable.

Pemba flying fox bat

Pemba flying fox

Pemba flying fox

Pemba flying fox

Pemba flying fox

Zorse – Zebra and Horse Cross Breed

Yes it is real. The zebra and horse cross breed is very common in parts of Africa where zebras are more resistant to diseases and horses are not. By crossing zebras with horses it makes for a healthier hybrid. Such hybrids are commonly called zorse. Zebras crossed with ponies are commonly called zonies. Temperament of the hybrid cross is more like the horse than the zebra. Most resulting offspring of the zebra and horse matings are sterile with the occasional fertile animal resulting. This type of cross breeding of the horse with the zebra has been going on for at least 150 years now.

Zorse - zebra and horse hybrid
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Biggest halibut caught in Norway

Biggest halibut caught in the nother Norway

Professional fisherman Tom Richard Kristiansen have caught the world’s biggest halibut in the northeast Norway region of Finnmark in vicinity of Russian border. The fish weights 314,5 kilos (693 lbs.) and three meters (10 feet) long).

I wonder how many people could be fed by this halibut?

Biggest carp ever was caught

World biggest carpWorld Record Academy reported the biggest carp ever was caught in Thailand. Fisherman Kik from the local travel company Jean-Francois Helias’ Fishing Adventures has caught the 265 pounds (120kg) sweet-water fish on a specially developed rod in the Bung Sam Lan lake.

Siamese Giant Carp is one of the biggest sweet-water fish in the world along with Mekong Catfish and Beluga (river salmon). But Beluga fishing is strictly prohibited this days.

Some times salt-water big fish could be caught in the river. Like those shark in St. Petersburg.

Object 825 GTS – Balaclava

Object 825 GTS Balaclava

After the WW2 Soviets have decided to strengthen their submarine fleet. Hundreds of submarines (diesel and later atomic) were in need for bases on the all USSR shores. So in the mid 50’s the construction of these bases have been started in the Severodvinsk (Arctic ocean), Vladivostok (Pacific) and Balaclava (Black Sea).

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