Biggest carp ever was caught

World biggest carpWorld Record Academy reported the biggest carp ever was caught in Thailand. Fisherman Kik from the local travel company Jean-Francois Helias’ Fishing Adventures has caught the 265 pounds (120kg) sweet-water fish on a specially developed rod in the Bung Sam Lan lake.

Siamese Giant Carp is one of the biggest sweet-water fish in the world along with Mekong Catfish and Beluga (river salmon). But Beluga fishing is strictly prohibited this days.

Some times salt-water big fish could be caught in the river. Like those shark in St. Petersburg.

Object 825 GTS – Balaclava

Object 825 GTS Balaclava

After the WW2 Soviets have decided to strengthen their submarine fleet. Hundreds of submarines (diesel and later atomic) were in need for bases on the all USSR shores. So in the mid 50’s the construction of these bases have been started in the Severodvinsk (Arctic ocean), Vladivostok (Pacific) and Balaclava (Black Sea).

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Tokyo tunnels

Deep under the Shinjuku district of Tokyo hi-tech underground highway is being built. Deep under skyscrapers of the Japan’s capital intelligence and technology of the Human Being withstands the unbelievable pressure of Earth.

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Kowloon Walled City

Kowloon Walled City is the most weird city district in the Earth history. Resided in Hong Kong for almost two centuries it was the most populated spot on our planet. Also being almost independent from Hong Kong government and police it was one of the most criminal and dirty. Continue reading Kowloon Walled City