Taxidermy Gone Wrong

Taxidermy is a useful craft. Its educational value can’t be overestimated. However, some overly sensitive people could argue the use of taxidermied, or simply speaking—stuffed animals, for interior decoration.

But all of the above applies when the stuffing is made by professionals or the hobbyists who know their craft. If you push the novice into the business, or even a person who may be genetically incompatible with handcrafting of any kind… Well, you were asking for it.

Bad Taxidermy Bad Taxidermy Bad Taxidermy Bad Taxidermy Bad Taxidermy

One thought on “Taxidermy Gone Wrong

  1. Well, I understand that most of those things are just a byproduct of people getting their experience, learning their craft. It’s kinda stupid to laugh at it. But I just can’t help myself.

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