Terapixel digital camera

Unknown Chinese electronics manufacturer Penchan has quietly rolled out digital camera that undoubtedly will shake the market and smash down the current kings of the hill – Canon and Nikon. While the best (and the most expensive) professional digital cameras barely reached the 24 megapixel frontier, Penchan camera exceeds the 5 terapixel limit – more than five million megapixels. Moreover, I’m sure it’s much cheaper than Canon or Nikon top DSLRs.

Terapixel digital camera from Penchan

Well, of cause it’s not the real technology breakthrough. Just another example of Chinese marketing. But it could be a nice gift for professional photographer… or for kid.

11 thoughts on “Terapixel digital camera”

  1. Actually Chinese people don’t bother much when translating from their language to other languages. If you have ever read the English manual of a chinese car, motorcycle or gizmo you’ll find they do not translate, they toss letters into it.

  2. dont read chinese or japanese but would actually like to buy it. anyone has? can show me where? does it really work like they say it do?

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