Toilets Out Of Order?

Toilets out of order

Fortunately, this amuzing sign at some train station offers an alternative for such delicate situation.

By the way, peeing on the rails could be dangerous. The third rail in the subway or some ground lines is a high voltage conductor:

…sad story of one Joseph Patrick O’Malley, a man with two unfortunate habits: heavy drinking and wandering through subway tunnels.

One morning, O’Malley’s mangled body was found in a tunnel 50 yards from the nearest station. He had apparently been struck and killed by a train.

But an autopsy turned up another cause: “The burns on the head of the penis and on the thumb and forefinger were obviously electrical burns….The stream of urine had come into contact with the 600 volts of the third rail. The current had coursed up the stream to cause the burns on his body as the electricity entered it.

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