Top 10 bizzare foods

Food is something we need in our daily life. Some of us are eating just for biological need but others are trying to sense and understand the taste, smell and the traditional value of the dish that is in front of him.

Traditional dishes are the heritage left from our grandparents and they differ from a country to another, some of them are really interesting and tasty, but there are some that are looking strange, or are prepared in a specific way, and you will need to be very hungry or just to have courage to taste it.
Here is a small list of some of the bizarre foods that people usually eat.

Haggis – Scottish dish that contains internal organs of a sheep mixed with some chopped onions, raw beef or mutton’s fat, salt, and spices.
Yak penis
Yak penis – chinese delicacy, it is suposed to be very good for skin.
Fried – Brain Sandwiche
Fried – Brain Sandwiche – generally is a sandwich with sliced calves’ brains on sliced bread
Fugu- a Japanese dish which represents a poisonous fish that has enough poison to kill a person. It can pe prepared only by specialy-trained chefs.
Sannakji – Korean dish that consists of raw fish and nakji (small octopus), that are still moving in the plate when served.
Balut – most popular dishes in the Philippines. Half developed duckilngs or chickens that are boiled and eaten in shell.
Fried Spider
Fried Spider – delicacy in Cambodia,
Rocky Mountain Oysters
Rocky Mountain Oysters – bull calf testicles used for human consumption.
Tuna Eyeball
Tuna Eyeball – the dish is served fried or boiled with garlic and soya sauce.
Chicken Cartilage
Chicken Cartilage – a tasty snack served in japan, very chewy and hard to eat.




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