Top 7 most unusual cities in the world

The city is any settlement that is bigger than the village. The city has its own management, name and boundaries. Also it has marketplaces, sleeping district and business centers.

However, some cities are very unique. Some of them look like ordinary city, but they aren’t. In some cities can live only one person, while in another city all people can live under in one house.

Unusual cities in the world

7. The Villages. Florida

The Villages is a city in Florida, which was built especially for people who retired. It covers an area bigger than the area of Manhattan, and has more than 100,000 inhabitants, most of whom moved only by golf carts. In fact, the city got into the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest golf cart parade in the world. In the parade take part 3321 golf carts. In addition, there is a black market Viagra, which costs about $ 12 per pill.

Unusual cities in the world

6. Busingen Am Hochrhein. Germany

Busingen Am Hochrhein is a German city in Switzerland. The city is separated from Germany with a narrow strip of land that reaches a width of 700 meters. It has unusual location but Busingen Am Hochrhein is more Swiss city than German. It also provided public services as Switzerland and Germany. In the case of emergency, you can call the Swiss or German police, though the Swiss usually arrives faster. All residents of the city Busingen Am Hochrhein can work and has their own property in Switzerland, despite the fact that they don’t have Swiss nationality.

Unusual cities in the world

5. Whittier. Alaska

Almost all of the two hundred and twenty residents of Whittier, Alaska live in one 14-storey building called «Begich Towers». Others live in their cars, boats or other similar building. The building «Begich Towers» was built in 1956 – then it served as a military barracks, but today it is a city where there is a police station, a post office, a shop, a church, a movie rental shop, children’s playground and a medical center. And they are all located in the building «Begich Towers».

Unusual cities in the world

4. Colma. California

Town Colma has more dead people than alive. Here live 1,500 residents and more than half a million are dead. The city’s history can be traced back to the gold rush in 1849, through which hundreds of thousands of people have migrated to the neighboring city of San Francisco. They brought disease and, as a consequence, death. By 1880, twenty-six urban cemeteries were almost overwhelmed and in the end of 1880 the owners of cemeteries began to build a cemetery in the southern city of Colma (just in the center of the city).

Unusual cities in the world

3. Ordos. China

Ordos City, located in the Inner Mongolia and is considered the largest ghost town in China. It was built with the expectation that there will be more than a million people, but for all the time people are occupied only two percent of the city. The rest of the buildings were abandoned. Investors soon began to build houses there, hoping eventually to lease them but nobody wants to live there.

Unusual cities in the world

2. Asymmetric Warfare Training Center. Virginia

Training center to conducting asymmetric warfare in Virginia is uninhabited city built by the US Army to train soldiers. The city has a school, a church, a mosque, a railway station and a five-storey building of the embassy, which is the tallest building in the District of Caroline County, where the center is located. The school is built to look like a school in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the subway like a subway located in Washington, DC.

Unusual cities in the world

1. Marloth Park. South Africa

Marloth Park is located near the Kruger National Park, which is full of wild animals, including lions, hippos and crocodiles. The city is unique because, despite the danger of living close to wildlife, residents aren’t allowed to build fences around their homes. The height of a single fence that separates the residents from the park is 1.2 meters. It was built more to keep people from invading to the territory of the park than to keep in it wild animals.
Wild animals often come to the territory of the city. Baboons run into the house through the window and steal food from the fridge, and giraffes and elephants blocking the road. Residents of the city were very surprised only when the lion attacked, killed and ate a thief who came out with the stolen property from the house. Lion left only a head and leg.

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